Readercon 32 Volunteers

Readercon is entirely volunteer-run. Our conference committee (concom), subcommittees, staff, and volunteers work all year round to make Readercon happen. If you've got a few free hours, we'd love your help! Volunteering is fun, offers the opportunity to meet new people, and earns cumulative incentives including a free membership to the next Readercon when you work 8 or more hours.

Whether you're contributing an hour of your time or diving into the deep end, we could really use your help.

Please register as a volunteer by filling out this form.

Just a few of the areas where we're looking for volunteers prior to the convention:

  • IT, including updating and replacing older systems and improving data management
  • Project management, setting Readercon up to run smoothly every year
  • Safety, improving every aspect of our safety processes before, during, and after the convention
  • Recruitment, building a robust organization that reflects our diverse community
  • Administration, from transcribing paper records to consulting on the best ways to structure our convention staff
  • Training to be future department heads and conchairs

But no matter what your areas of interest and expertise are, we can put you to work! Just fill out the form below. This page uses an embedded Airtable form. If the form doesn't load for you, please click here to go to it directly.