Food Safety Policy

Readercon's concom is committed to making all food service areas as safe as possible for all attendees and participants.

Food supplied by Readercon in the Consuite, Green Room, Kaffeeklatsch, and Volunteer/Staff spaces will be single served and prepackaged, except for coffee and tea. Any food not purchased prepackaged (for example vegetables) will be prepared and placed in individual packages by specifically designated Hospitality staff using gloves and/or proper handwashing procedures. All Hospitality staff will be trained in
proper handwashing, food preparation, serving, and cleaning procedures as applied to our spaces.

There may be food supplied to our spaces which is not prepackaged, such as leftover dessert from staff/GOH dinners which were prepared by the hotel staff using their hospitality guidelines. These items will be served using separate serving utensils for each item to prevent cross contamination.

We understand there are many people with a variety of allergies. While we are unable to accommodate all of them, we will be supplying some gluten free snack foods throughout the conference. In addition the will be no apples products in the Consuite due to an airborne allergy of a staff member.