Readercon 31

July 13th – 16th, 2023

Boston Marriott Quincy, Quincy, Massachusetts.


Readercon 30 Con Reports

ZZ Claybourne: "Sing, My Children, Sing"

Holden Lee: "Readercon 2019: An inspiring experience" (includes many, many panel and talk write-ups!)

Jay O'Connell: "A Great Time to be a Writer at Readercon 2019"

J.R. Rainville: "Readercon Recap"

R. Jean Stevenson: "Readercon Report"



Readeron 30 Panel Reports and Talk Slides

Claire Humphrey: "17776 and All That: The Crumbling of the Jock-Nerd Divide"

Fred Coppersmith: "The 21st-Century Makeover of Class Struggle in SF/F"

Rachel Gutin: "The 21st-Century Makeover of Class Struggles in SF/F"

Kate Nepveu: "Am I Allowed?: Representation, Appropriation, and Anxiety"

Lisa M. Bradley: "Being Vague to Make Space for Horror"

Rachel Gutin: "Being Vague to Make Space for Horror"

José M. Jiminez: "Being Vague to Make Space for Horror"

Rachel Gutin: "Compassionate AI"

Diana M. Pho: "EverfairBlack Panther, and Visions of Uncolonized Africa"

Lisa M. Bradley: "The Horrors of Being Female"

Rachel Gutin: "Hospitable Worlds"

Paul Weimer: "In Memoriam: Gene Wolfe"

Rachel Gutin: "Killing Characters 101"

Rachel Gutin: "Latinx Authors Tear Down the Wall"

Austin Grossman: "Marvelous & Mundane: How Fiction Got Its Genres"

Rachel Gutin: "A Post-Police World"

Paul Weimer: "The Real Middle Ages, Part 1: Europe"

Rachel Gutin: "Recent Nonfiction Essay Club: 'Decolonizing the Imagination' by Zetta Elliott"

Kate Nepveu: "Translation and Embedded Assumptions"

Anatoly Belilovsky: "Translation Slam"

Kate Nepveu: "Why Does Space Get the Opera and Cyber the Punk?"



Readercon 30 Multimedia


The Shirley Jackson Awards, Part 1 and The Shirley Jackson Awards, Part 2 by Captphil's Video Planet

Additional Readercon 30 videos by Captphil's Video Planet

Scott Edelman's Readercon 2019 videos

Scott Edelman's Periscope stream of the Shirley Jackson Awards

Larisa's video of Heath Miller performing at It Was a Dark and Stormy Mic

Paul Levinson talks about Trump, Fascism, Kamala Harris, Science Fiction, Phil Ochs

Paul Levinson reads from "It's Real Life"

Audio Recordings and Podcasts

The Word Count Irregulars Live from Readercon (episode 88)

Virtual Memories Show 329: Kate Maruyama

Three Hoarsemen 55: Paul Weimer

Photos and Artwork

Instagram posts tagged #readercon

Readercon 30 Photos by Daniel Dern of File770

Photos by Ellen Datlow

Brooklyn Speculative Ficton Writers Readercon photo

Raw Dog Screaming Press photo gallery

The Driveby Calligrapher's calligraphy of Readercon quotes