Readercon 33 Bookshop

Calling All Dealers!

How to Apply

We will open for dealer room applications in the new year.

Basic Information

Readercon 33 will run from Thursday, July 11, to Sunday, July 14, 2024, at the Boston Marriott Quincy hotel in Quincy, Massachusetts.

The deadline for applying to be a dealer is May 1.

The Readercon Bookshop is a juried dealer room. This means that Readercon reserves the right to select dealers and to limit the amount of table space assigned to each. Factors such as the promptness of your response, the clarity and accuracy of the information you provide to us, any prior Readercon Bookshop experience you have, and the nature of the merchandise you offer will be taken into consideration, but the final decision remains ours.

Bookshop dealer rates are $60 per six-foot table.

Access to electricity will be limited and may require an additional charge.

Dealers and assistants must be attending members of Readercon 33. A dealer-specific membership rate of $55 per person is available for dealers and their assistants, but only when purchased as part of paying the table fee, and each dealing entity is limited to a maximum of two (2) memberships at this price. (Memberships not purchased in conjunction with the Bookshop table payment will cost the regular membership rate in effect at the time of purchase.) These dealer-specific memberships will be available for purchase online by accepted dealers when paying for their tables.

As members of Readercon, dealers are welcome to attend all the same events as other attendees—readings, Guest of Honor interviews, panels, activities, kaffeeklatsches, the dance party, etc.—and avail themselves of the Con Suite (where free food and drink are available). We are also working with the hotel to arrange for a daily discount on their boxed lunch.

Dealers in the Bookshop will be required to collect sales tax on all items sold. If you do not already have a Massachusetts tax ID number, you must register online with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (click on the box labeled "Register your business with MassTaxConnect”) or call (617) 887-6367 for instructions. If you do not have a Massachusetts tax ID number, you will not be permitted to sell.

Initial Acceptance and Wait List notifications will be sent out in mid-June.

Be aware that the Bookshop usually receives more table requests than there is space available. Therefore, submitting an application does not guarantee you a place in the room. If your application for tables is not initially accepted, you may be placed on our Wait List in anticipation of possible cancellations. If you do not wish to be placed on the Wait List, please indicate this on your application. If accepted, dealers will be given refunds ONLY if their tables are resold.

Please Note the Following Restrictions:

  • Readercon is a literary convention. Dealers in the Bookshop will be limited to booksellers and specialty-press publishers. Self-publishing authors or small-press publishers offering fewer than a half-dozen titles should consider making arrangements with a large(r) dealer to carry their titles. (See "A Note to Authors" section below.)
  • Dealing from hotel rooms is not permitted. You must rent tables in the Bookshop.
  • Dealers should inform us in advance if they wish to share tables. Further, dealers may not sublet space on their tables without asking and receiving permission to do so.
  • Dealer displays may not exceed six and a half feet in height unless specifically exempted.
  • Anything leaning or propped against a wall must be padded at points of contact. Nothing may be affixed to the walls by tape, staple, tack, nail, or any other means.
  • If necessary, any audio or A/V equipment may be played quietly, but it is strongly recommended that headsets be used. If there are any complaints whatsoever regarding any sound-producing device, it will be muted or silenced at our discretion.
  • Merchandise for sale must be lawful and legal in and of itself and not be in violation of any copyright, patent, or trademark. The sale of any bootleg or illegally imported video is specifically prohibited. The burden of proof of legitimacy is on the dealer.
  • Eating and drinking are restricted in the Bookshop due to covid concerns. We will be closing the dealer room at a convenient time for lunch so that all dealers may eat elsewhere.

A Note to Authors

Readercon is considering a number of options to support authors. Check back here!


The Hotel

Hotel information is forthcoming.

The hotel block usually fills, so make your reservations early to guarantee you get the discounted room rate!

If you have any questions about the above, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at If you have general questions about the convention, please check our website or write to Questions about the program can be directed to

See you in July!

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