Susan Stinson is the author of four novels and has received the Jim Duggins Outstanding Mid-Career Novelist Prize from Lambda Literary Foundation. Her novels are Fat Girl Dances with Rocks (Spinsters Ink 94, coming of age); Martha Moody (Spinster Ink 95; 20th anniversary edition, Small Beer 2020, Benjamin Franklin award winner. British [Women’s Press] and German [Scherz and Fischer Taschenbuch] and Swiss editions.); Venus of Chalk (Firebrand Books, 2004, e-book, Small Beer Press, 2022; Finalist, Lambda Literary Award for Lesbian Fiction.  Spider in a Tree (Small Beer, 2013, historical.) Belly Songs: in celebration of fat women (Orogeny, 93) is a collection of poetry and essays. It can found online from Book Moon Books. Her work has appeared in anthologies from Ballantine Books, NYU Press and Scholastic Books, and in many periodicals, including Kenyon Review. A series of four short essays on writing craft, including “Body in the Mirror” appeared in Poets & Writers Online (April and May 2021). Her essay “Fat Stories” is in The Contemporary Reader for Gender and Fat Studies, ed. Amy Farrell. (Routledge, 2023). Her essay “Slow” is forthcoming in The Portable Feminist Reader, ed. Roxane Gay (Penguin Classics). Her essay “Current” is forthcoming in the October 2023 issue of Sinister Wisdom. A roundtable on Susan Stinson’s body of work was held at the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association National Conference, Fat Studies Track, in San Antonio, TX, 2023.  Participants included Elizabeth McCracken and Lynne Gerber. She has taught fiction writing at Amherst College and current teaches at Smith College in Northampton, MA. Her website is She lives in Northampton, MA, where she can be found writing a speculative historical novel set in 17th century New England with lots of lampreys, riding her trike, and reading weird fiction.