John Clute (born 1940) has been writing sf criticism and reviews since the early 1960s, and has been an editor for The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction since 1979 (online since 2011). The SFE has won 3 Hugos and other awards. Clute has won 2 Hugos for other works. Further awards for his work in general include a Readercon Award in 1989 and the Nebula/Solstice Award in 2012, and others. Most of his critical work has been assembled in 8 volumes, beginning with Strokes (1988), with the most recent to appear being Sticking to the End (2022). Of these books, The Darkening Garden (2006) and Pardon This Intrusion: Fantastika in the World Storm (2011) contain general arguments. His second novel, Appleseed (2001), which is sf, was a New York Times Notable Book. New work includes The Book Blinders: Annals of Vandalism at the British Library (forthcoming 2023).  Clute was a Readercon Guest of Honor in 1991 and a WorldCon Guest of Honour in 2014.