Inanna Arthen (Vyrdolak) is a freelance book designer, voice actor and author of The Vampires of New England Series: Mortal Touch (2007), The Longer the Fall (2010), and All the Shadows of the Rainbow (2013). Their short story "The Fishman and His Wife" appears in Twice Upon an Apocalypse (Crystal Lake, 2017). Inanna is a lifelong scholar of vampire folklore, fiction and fact who created and has maintained the non-fiction vampire studies website By Light Unseen since 1997. Since 2007 Inanna has run By Light Unseen Media, a traditional small press dedicated to publishing vampire themed fiction and nonfiction. Inanna is a member of New England Horror Writers, Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) and Independent Publishers of New England (IPNE). Identifying as non-binary genderqueer, Inanna is ordained Pagan clergy and an advocate for the Pagan and LGBTQIA+ communities.