Ian Randal Strock (www.IanRandalStrock.com) is an award-winning author and editor. He is the owner, publisher, and editor-in-chief of Gray Rabbit Publications/Fantastic Books (www.FantasticBooks.biz), which has published anthologies such as Jewish Futures (edited by Michael A. Burstein), Release the Virgins (edited by Michael A. Ventrella), and the ...for the Thrones series (edited by Tom Easton and Judith K. Dial), as well as the recently released The Architects by Apollo Harrison and Fred Lerner's novel In Memoriam (which is debuting this weekend). Other Fantastic Books authors include Tanith Lee, Allen Steele, Michael Moorcock, Shariann Lewitt, and more. As a writer with more than two dozen appearances in Analog, he has won two AnLabs, and his fiction has also appeared in Nature and several recent anthologies. The bulk of his professionally published words, however, have been non-fiction (including The Presidential Book of Lists [Random House, 2008], Ranking the First Ladies [Carrel Books, 2016], and Ranking the Vice Presidents [Carrel Books, 2016]). Previously, he was the editor and publisher of Artemis Magazine and SFScope.com, and before that, served on the editorial staffs of Asimov's, Analog, Science Fiction Chronicle, Realms of Fantasy, and many more. Outside of writing and publishing, he is the First Vice Chairman of American Mensa.