Gregory Feeley writes science fiction and about science fiction. His first novel, The Oxygen Barons (Ace, 1990), was nominated for the Philip K. Award, and he has twice been a finalist for the Nebula Award and twice for the Sturgeon Award. He has appeared in numerous original anthologies, including Full Spectrum 4 (ed. Aronica; Spectra, 1993), Starlight 1 (ed. Nielsen Hayden; Tor Books, 1996), Nebula Award Stories 33 (ed. Willis; Harcourt Brace, 1999),and in reprint anthologies edited by Gardner R. Dozois, Terri Windling and Ellen Datlow, Jonathan Strahan, Jay Lake, Rich Horton, and others. His essays and reviews have appeared in The Atlantic MonthlyThe New York Times MagazineThe Times Literary Supplement, Foundation, The New York Review of Science Fiction, Interzone, and other periodicals. He has contributed to several editions of John Clute's Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and other reference works. His most recent novels are Arabian Wine(Temporary Culture, 2005), a historical novel, and Kentauros (New Haven Review Books, 2010), a fantasia on an obscure Greek myth. He recently completed a long novel, Hamlet the Magician. Feeley is currently working on a science fiction novel, portions of which will appear this year in three Year's Best anthologies.