Renato! (McPherson & Co., 2020) is Eugene Mirabelli’s most recent novel, winner of a silver medal for literary fiction given by the Independent Publishers Awards. Gene was born in 1931, which makes him 92 years old, and in the course of his long and productive literary career he’s written nine mainstream novels which are a mix of the realistic and the magical. His short stories are often in the field of science fiction or fantasy, and have been, translated and reprinted a number of times. All but one of his short tales have appeared in either Fantasy & Science Fiction or Asimov's. They include the Nebula short story finalist "The Woman in Schrodinger's Wave Equations," which was also included in a Nebula Awards Showcase. His longer works include The Burning Air (Houghton Mifflin, 1959), The Way In (Viking, 1968), No Resting Place (Viking, 1972), The World at Noon (Guernica, 1994), The Book of the Milky Way (Third Coast, Winter 1996; finalist for the Pushcart Prize), The Language Nobody Speaks (Spring Harbor, 1999), The Passion of Terri Heart (Spring Harbor, 2004), The Goddess in Love with a Horse (Spring Harbor, 2008), and Renato, the Painter (McPherson & Co., 2012,  winner of a gold medal for literary fiction), Renato After Alba (McPherson & Co., 2016, winner of a bronze medal) and the recent Renato! (McPherson & Co., 2020, winner of a silver). He has a PhD from Harvard and has received awards and grants for his literary work, including one from the Rockefeller Foundation. Visit him at  and on the eclectic website where he posts on anything that catches his wandering attention. Remember, he’s old, very old, and is at work on another novel, so the Critical Pages website may have to vanish.