Described by NPR as “Shirley Jackson meets Johnny Rotten,” Emma J. Gibbon is an award-winning horror writer, speculative poet, podcast creator, and public librarian. They are the author of the short fiction collection Dark Blood Comes from the Feet (Trep­idatio Publishing, 2020), one of NPR’s best books of 2020, and the winner of the Maine Literary Book Award for Speculative Fiction. Emma was also part of the writing team behind the “heavy metal werewolf” podcast drama, Undertow: Blood Forest (Realm, 2022). Her stories have appeared in various magazines, anthologies and podcasts, including Dark Tome (Dagaz Media, 2021), 13 Haunted Houses (eds. Lawson and Morey; Weird House Press, 2022), Unnerving Magazine, Wick­ed Haunted: An Anthology by the New England Horror Writers (eds. Goudsward, Keohane, and Price; NEHW Press, 2017), and have an upcoming story “Everybody is in the Place” on, edited by Ellen Datlow. In 2020, they were nominated twice for the Rhys­ling Award for “Fune-RL” (Strange Horizons) and “Consumption” (Eye to the Telescope). Their poetry has also been published in Liminality, Pedestal Magazine, Kaleidotrope, and Under Her Skin: A Women in Horror Poetry Showcase, Vol. I (eds. Miller and Ryan; Black Spot Books, 2022), and Under Her Eye: A Women in Horror Poetry Showcase, Vol. II (Murray and Ryan; Black Spot Books, 2023). Emma is originally from Yorkshire, England and now lives in Maine. They live in a spooky little house in the woods with their partner, Steve, and four exceptional animals: Odin, Mothra, Hamlet, and M. Bi­son (also known as “Grim”). They are a member of the Horror Writers Association, and their website is You can also find them @EmmaJGibbon on twitter and @emmagiblet on Instagram.