Dennis Danvers is the author of novels Wilderness (Poseidon 1991, HarperCollins 2010; Bram Stoker and Locus finalist),Time and Time Again (S & S 1994), Circuit of Heaven (Eos, 1998; New York Times Notable), End of Days (Eos, 1999, New York Times Notable), The Fourth World (Eos, 2000), The Watch (Eos, 2002; New York Times Notable; Booklist 10 Best SF novels, School Library Journal Best Books of 2002), The Bright Spot (Bantam, 2005, under the pseudonym Robert Sydney), Bad Angels (Metaphysical Circus, 2016), The Perfect Stranger (Speaking Volumes, 2020), The Soothsayer & The Changeling (Speaking Volumes, 2021). Short story publications include collections Leaving the Dead (Speaking Volumes, 2023) and Tales From Mnemosyne(Aqueduct, 2024); "Christmas in Hollywood Cemetery" appeared in Remapping Hallowed Ground (eds. Erwin and DuVall, 2013), "Texas Beach" in Richmond Noir (eds. De Haven, Blossom, and Castleberry, Akashic, 2010), "Healing Benjamin" in Tails of Wonder (ed. Datlow, Nightshade, 2010), "Swan Song and Then Some" in Nightmare Carnival (ed. Datlow, Dark Horse, 2014), "The Art Disease" in The Best of Electric Velocipede (ed. Klima, Fairwood, 2014) His short fiction has also appeared in Lightspeed, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Electric Velocipede, Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet , Strange Horizons, Intergalactic Medicine Show, New Delta Review, Review La Booche, Sou'wester, Realms of Fantasy, See the Elephant, Space and Time,, and Apex Magazine. He holds a Ph.D. in literature and an MFA in fiction writing. He taught fiction writing and science fiction and fantasy literature at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia for over thirty years. He lives with wife, Sarah Weisiger, and dog, Ethel, in Richmond.