Benjamin Rosenbaum is the author of The Unraveling (Erewhon, 2021, Otherwise Honor List), a far-future coming-of-age novel of love and social unrest. His collection The Ant King and other stories (Small Beer, 2008) contains Biographical Notes to 'A Discourse on the Nature of Causality, with Air-Planes', by Benjamin Rosenbaum (Hugo finalist, 2005), "Start the Clock" (Sturgeon finalist, 2005), "Embracing-the-New" (Nebula finalist, 2005), "The House Beyond Your Sky"; (Hugo, BSFA, and Sturgeon finalist, 2007), and "A Siege of Cranes" (World Fantasy finalist, 2007). His collaboration with Cory Doctorow, the novella "True Names", was a finalist for the 2009 Hugo, Sturgeon, and Locus Awards. His stories have been widely collected, and translated into over 20 languages. His Jewish historical fantasy tabletop roleplaying game Dream Apart(published together with Avery Alder's Dream Askew, Buried Without Ceremony, 2019) was nominated for three Ennie Awards (Best Game, Best Setting, and Product of the Year) and launched the Belonging Outside Belonging family of roleplaying games. His interactive fiction game in the same setting, The Ghost and the Golem, is forthcoming from Choice of Games. He lives near Basel, Switzerland with his family.