Allan Dyen-Shapiro is a Ph.D. biochemist whose research career spanned molecular/cellular biology, genetics/genomics, enzymology, plant/microbial biology, environmental science, mathematical modeling/systems biology, and extensive collaborations with engineers. Following a brief interlude doing everything from patent law to supporting himself with his guitar, he landed as an educator. He currently teaches physics in a high-poverty public high school and is a union rep. He has sold short fiction to venues including Dark Matter Magazine, Flash Fiction Online, Grantville Gazette, and numerous anthologies. His stories are often near-future science fiction, with forays into cyberpunk, hard SF, humor, alternate history, cli-fi, and other allied genres. He also co-edited an anthology of speculative fiction set in the Middle East. He is an active member of SFWA and Codex and blogs on topics of interest to his readers: environmentalism, futurism, science, literature, and science fiction in all media. His blog is available on his website,, where you’ll also find links to his stories. He lives in Southwest Florida. Recent Publications: “Side Effects,” Dark Matter Magazine Issue 14, March/April 2023. “Caliban’s Cameras,” Stupefying Stories Issue 24, March 2023. “Kaddish for Stalin,” in Other Covenants: Alternate Histories of the Jewish People, December 2022. “Oysters and Other Slimy Creatures,” in Clarity (Queer Science Fiction anthology), October 2022. “Mother Noodges Best,” Stupefying Stories (web site), September 2022. “To Share the Sky,” in Ink (Queer Science Fiction anthology), August 2021. “Crazy Horse’s Prodigal Granddaughter,” Grantville Gazette Issue 87, January 2020. “Like Him with Friends Possess’d,” Flash Fiction Online, December 2019. “The Holo-Punk Sellout Opens a Can of Whoop-Ass,” in Just a Minor Malfunction Volume 5, November 2019. “Crossing the Boundaries of Virtual Jerusalem,” in HOLY COW: SF Stories from the Center of the World, July 2019. “I’m Proud of You, Mum,” in Mind Candy Volume 1, February 2018.