Time Panels Readings Discussions, Etc. Kaffeeklatsches Autographs
Salon  F Salon H NH / MA VT ME / CT RI 456 (top name) / 458 Salon E
8:00 PM "The Real Year" is Ageless!              
Clute, Hand, Hartwell, Malzberg, Sleight,            
9:30 PM What Single Novel Exemplifies Readercon?              
Di Filippo, Cox, Schweitzer, Smith et al            
Time Panels Readings Discussions, Etc. Kaffeeklatsches Autographs
Salon  F Salon H NH / MA VT ME / CT RI 456 (top name) / 458 Salon E
11:00 AM  A Heinlein Roundtable   Fowler          
11:30 AM Clute, Brown, Sleight, Wolfe            
12:00 PM Reading the Super-Long Narrative   Ford Taaffe     Shepard &  
12:30 PM Asher, Crowley, D'Ammassa, Hartwell, Kenyon   Singh     McHugh  
1:00 PM Brilliant But Flawed The Slipstream / Magic Realism Canon Wexler Silverman     Black &  
1:30 PM Crowley, Fowler, Link, Malzberg, Schweitzer DiFillipo, Cox , Drummond,
 Goss, Kessel, McManus, Sleight, Valente
(100 min)
Langan Kowal     L. Gilman  
2:00 PM Writing and the Rest of Life Witcover Marley     Hartwell/Cramer &  
2:30 PM Ford, Kenyon, Malzberg, Marks, Maxey, Singh Tremblay Grossman     G. Gilman  
3:00 PM The Retold Fairy or Folk Tale The Fiction of William Hope Hodgson Shepard Genoa Implausible Teaching   Longyesr & Crowley &
3:30 PM Black, Datlow, Goss, Ga. Grant, Valente D'Ammassa, Golaski, Schweitzer, Weinstein McManus Marks   Levinson
4:00 PM Rebel, Rebel: Ex-Rocker Writers Smooth and Lumpy Expanded Universes Link Edelman Secrets of Great Public Readings   Fowler & Kenyon &
J. and K. Morrow
4:30 PM Gl. Grant, Cox, Hand, November, Shepard Cisco, Gardner, Meynard, Strock, Wilber Thomas Kowal   S.Berman, Butter, Daley
5:00 PM "The Singularity Needs Women!" Awe, Horror! Kessel Purdom Writing Sequels   Link/Grant & Daley &
5:30 PM Bear, Cramer, Marley, McManus, J. Morrow Clute, Datlow, Mamatas, Paffenroth, Wolfe Goss Levinson   Kressel
6:00 PM Hunted Jaguars: Fiction in Another Land Absent Friends (In Memoriam) Marks Maxey Why The Small Press Matters Bookaholics Anonymous Jarpe &  
6:30 PM Di Filippo, Kowal, Lewitt, Park, Shepard Genoa, Freund, Kessel, Taaffe, Weinstein Bear Valente Kressel Hanger et al Hecht  
7:00 PM Young (and Very Young) Adult F&SF The Fiction of Lucius Shepard McHugh Cox The Public Domain Land Spec Poetry Workshop Kirstein &  
7:30 PM Black, Daley, Durst, Hoffman, November, Wein Langan, Golaski, Sleight, Swanwick, Witcover Schweitzer Grossman, Levinson, Macdonald, Quilter, Watts Allen Genoa  
8:00 PM Filling In the Middle SF Writers Who Deserve Biographies Morrow Broad
The Readercon Book Club: Little, Big "Nightfall" Radio Datlow &  
8:30 PM Dolley, Kenyon, Kirstein, Lewitt, Macdonald, Wilber Lerner, Malzberg, Van Gelder, Weisman, Wolfe J. Berman, Drummond, Hand, Sleight, Walewski Golaski Adams  
9:00 PM (setup) Crowley Wein SF Reviewing in the Blogosphere Interfictions Hunt &  
9:30 PM Durst Clute, Cramer, Freund, Lilley, Purdom, Van Gelder Goss, Singh, Valente et al Langan  
10:00 PM Cordwainer Smith Rediscovery Award            
10:15 PM Meet the Pros(e) Party (120+ min.)            
Time Panels Readings Discussions, Etc. Kaffeeklatsches Autographs
Salon  F Salon H NH / MA VT ME / CT RI 456 (top name) / 458 Salon E
10:00 AM Must Great Narrative Art Have Humor? The Year in Short Fiction Park Smith Other Points of View HIW Generation Loss (Hand) Doyle / McDonald & Ford &
10:30 AM J. Berman, Di Filippo, C. Gardner, Longyear, Van Cramer, Datlow, Hartwell, Van Gelder, Wallace L. Gilman D. Edelman, Marks, McHugh, Spencer, Watts Willa Cather (Ringel) Valente
11:00 AM Political Beliefs and Fiction "The Door Dilated": Heinlein as Innovator Hand G. Gilman Obscure Fiction Outlets Humor, Cont. Swanwick & Palmatier &
11:30 AM Bacigalupi, D. Edelman, Fowler, Kessel, J. Morrow, Shepard Cambias, Cox, Dern, Lerner, Purdom Hoffman Datlow, Golaski, Kressel, Pelland, Tremblay see Salon F at 10 AM Park
12:00 PM James Frey Recapitulates Santa Claus Sense of Wonder or Sense of Cool? Doyle/McDonald Sybil's
Talking Film with Lucius Writing Tricks (Spencer) Crowley & Kirstein &
12:30 PM J. Berman, Fowler, Golaski, Jablokov, Malzberg, McHugh Adams, Easton, L. Gilman, Lilley, Strock Kenyon Shepard Ergonomics (Smith) Hand
1:00 PM Fantasy as Inner Landscape Blindsided by the Fantastic Longyear Burstein Library Thing The Odyssey Workshop Allen & Durst &
1:30 PM Crowley, G. Gilman, Link, McManus, Park, Swanwick Clute, Daemon, S. Edelman, Goss, Sleight Jarpe Bear, Blachly, Quilter et al Cavelos Weisman
2:00 PM The Case for Archetypal Evil in Fantasy The Fiction of Karen Joy Fowler Coyote Road Di Filippo The Megaverse, Etc. Dead Reckonings Bacigalupi & Hartwell/Cramer &
2:30 PM Asher, Butler, Cavelos, J. Morrow, Palmatier Beamer, Houghton, Kessel, McHugh, McManus Frederick Langan Durst
3:00 PM The Rhysling Award Poetry Slan A Promiscuous Theory of Story Structure Swanwick Carter
by Brody
Near-Future Political SF HIW Ironside (Black) Bear & Fowler &
L. Gilman
3:30 PM Goss, Allen, Shepard, Schweitzer, Taaffe, Valente et al Clute, Crowley, J. Morrow, Smith, Van Ga. Grant, Gl. Grant, Hunt, Jarpe, Menon HIW Bright of the Sky (Kenyon) Edelman
4:00 PM
5:00 PM
Salon F, 4 PM: Lucius Shepard Interviewed by Jeffrey Ford.  5 PM: Karen Joy Fowler Interviewed by Adam Golaski        
8:00 PM The 21st Kirk Poland Memorial Bad Prose Competition. C. Gardner,  Doyle/Macdonald, Meynard (champion), Gl. Grant, Van (c. 100 min.)        
Time Panels Readings Discussions, Etc. Kaffeeklatsches Autographs
Salon  F Salon H NH / MA VT ME / CT RI 456 (top name) / 458 Salon E
10:00 AM The Other Sciences in Hard SF Horror and Social Observation Bacigalupi Mythic 2 Extreme Brain States & Brains How to Write Good Kingsbury & Datlow &
10:30 AM Chiang, Easton, Frederick, Levinson, Marley Cisco, Fowler, L. Gilman, Golaski, Langan Hunt Van Longyear McManus
11:00 AM See It Like Saruman The Fiction of Angela Carter Jablokov Cisco Molecular Assembly & Origins of Life  (Talk + open workshop,
120 min)
Kessel & Doyle/Macdonald &
11:30 AM J. Berman, Crowley, Houghton, J. Morrow, Swanwick G. Gilman, Goss, Hand, Smith, Taaffe Kingsbury D'Ammassa Jarpe Purdom
12:00 PM SF Cinema in the DVD Era After Rowling and Pullman Interfictions Golaski What, No Flying Car? Storyboarding Morrow & Bear &
12:30 PM Allen, Genoa, Shepard, Silverman, Van S. Berman, Black, Durst, Link, November Kirstein Trudel Kenyon Clute
1:00 PM Personal Archetypes I Have a Proof of This Levinson Palmatier Lucius, Central America, and Us Persistence Pays Off Kenyon & Butler &
1:30 PM Doyle, Fowler, J. Gardner, G. Gilman, Longyear, Park Hecht, Burstein, Kingsbury, Marley, Watts Spencer Dern Shepard Daley Strock
2:00 PM Intimidated by Story Potential SF in Other Tongues D. Edelman Berman, Butler,
& Daley
HIW Blindsight (Watts)   Wein &  
2:30 PM Bear, Drummond, S. Edelman, Marks, Witcover Hartwell, J. Morrow, K. Morrow, Singh, Trudel, Walewski Cambias     Grossman  
3:00 PM Readercon 18 Debriefing