Readercon 16


Progress Report 2


July 8–10, 2005

Boston Marriott Burlington

Burlington, Massachusetts     781-229-6565

Hotel rooms: $98 plus tax; reserve by June 17


Guests of Honor

Joe Haldeman    Kate Wilhelm


Memorial Guests of Honor

Henry Kuttner & C.L. Moore


Memberships: $43 until end of June, $50 at the door



Greetings from the Readercon Committee

We're back and we know you missed us based on the notes and comments we received at No­reascon in September.


We're working hard to give you the unique "Readercon-ish" take on imaginative literature that you've come to expect. As you probably know, Readercon is the new home to the Cord­wainer Smith Rediscovery Award (see Special Events below), an award we feel complements our mission perfectly. Henry Kuttner and Catherine L. Moore received the award last year and we'll highlight their work during this Readercon.


Though we're somewhat rested, we are still probably one of the smallest committees around (for an enterprise of this size). See "Your Com­mittee Needs You!” for more details.


Updates will be posted on our website. Check back in to see who's com­ing! And tell your friends!

— Bob Colby and Diane Martin

Our Guests of Honor

There are many facets to Joe Haldeman.  He has written terrific novels, stories and poems, based on a wide variety of ideas.  He has taught SF, at MIT and elsewhere. He and his wife Gay have traveled all over the world.  He has been a work­ing scientist.  He is a Vietnam veteran with a Pur­ple Heart.  He is a musician.  Readercon is pleased that he agreed to be our Guest of Honor.  We can't promise fully to explore all of these facets, but we will certainly do our best. Join us and help!

— Michael Matthew


Writer and teacher of literature, Kate Wilhelm has been involved with SF for many years.  She wrote many of those stories you remember from the Orbit anthologies.  She's written numerous nov­els, of which Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang is perhaps best known in SF.  She's also written many suspense novels. She and her husband, Damon Knight, taught at the Clarion Writing Workshop for 27 years.  Her students have won­derful stories to tell about learning with her.  Please come to Readercon to hear her stories, their stories, and to create a few new stories of your own.

— Michael Matthew


C.L. Moore wrote stories ranging from fantastic adventure with larger-than-life heroes to quiet contemplation. Then she met Henry Kuttner, and the two of them collaborated to such an extent that it's difficult to tell who wrote which stories. We'll discuss the many classics that they wrote (like "Vintage Season”, and "Mimsy were the Borogoves”, to name two of our favorites), and why you should all go out and read them all, right now!

— Adina Adler

Tentative Schedule

















Con Suite




Special Events

Special events at the convention include the Cordwainer Smith Rediscovery Award ceremony and the Meet the Pros(e) Party on Friday night, and the Rhysling Award Poetry Slan and a Best of the  Kirk Poland Memorial Bad Prose Competition on Saturday night.

About the Program

The heart of Readercon is the program. Descrip­tions of potential program items are up on our Web site, Coming soon: the list of books featured in our "How I Wrote…” series. The full program schedule will appear there in the week before the con.


The full program consists of two main tracks of panel discussions, two "mini-tracks” for solo talks, discussions and special interest panels, two tracks of readings, plus Kaffeklatches and auto­graphs.  Kaffeklatches (small gatherings with a particular author) fill up fast. Sign up in advance at Information to assure yourself of a seat and a beverage!


We’ll start Friday at 3pm with a few items for the earlier arrivers and quickly build to full strength.  This year we are delighted to present the Cord­wainer Smith Rediscovery Award, honoring a writer worthy of being rediscovered by today’s readers.  After the award ceremony, we’ll kick off our annual Meet the Pros(e) party, where you can create recombinant literature.


Saturday features a full program from 10am to 4pm, followed by interviews with our Guests of Honor.  After a dinner break, we’ll reconvene for this year’s special event, the Rhysling Award Po­etry Slan, followed by a fun-filled Best of the Kirk Poland Memorial Bad Prose Competition.  Long live Miss Vavoom!


Sunday’s full program runs from 10am to 3pm, with more panels, readings, and discussions. Come to the gripe session at 3pm and let us know what you thought of Readercon!

Thursday Night Setup

We know that many people come to our hotel on Thursday evening looking for something to do. In an attempt to fill that void, we introduce Thurs­day Night Setup! We'll be laminating badges and stuffing registration packets in one of the hotel's function rooms. Join us, work for a couple of hours, and you can get your badge, Program Guide, and Souvenir Book when we're done. And there may be chocolate (Note: idea gratefully borrowed from Wiscon.  Thanks!)

Tiptree Bake Sale

The James Tiptree, Jr. Award, funded by bake sales, will be awarded during Gaylaxicon, July 1-4 in Cambridge, MA.  For more information, see their website:


As you may know, Readercon has been proud to host a bake sale every year.  We’re delighted to be holding our bake sale this year one week early, during the Saturday afternoon of Gaylaxcon! We encourage all Tiptree fans to attend Gaylaxicon during the weekend before Readercon, and bring all your yummy baked goods!

Writers’ Workshop

David Alexander Smith ( will once again lead a writers’ workshop for amateurs and new pros on Sunday morning. To enroll, submit up to 7,500 words of fiction (a self-contained short story, chapters from a novel, or an outline) by Friday, June 24 directly to David at <>.  All submissions must be in electronic form; please email David for all the details.


The Bookshop is our dealers’ room. Expect a var­ied selection of new and used books and maga­zines from small and large publishers. We’ll also have a Readercon Café set up in the Bookshop for the Tiptree Bake Sale.


·       No smoking in programming areas or the Bookshop.

·       Only service animals in convention areas.

·       No weapons in convention areas.

·       Young children who are always with an adult are admitted free; young adults attending programming on their own need a member­ship.

No Child Care at Readercon

We are very sorry to say that we will not be able to provide this year the child care services we had at the previous two Readercons. We just don’t have the person-power to do it. (Please see "Your Committee Needs You!” below.)


If you have not already made child care arrange­ments, then there will not be any child care set up for you.  Please plan accordingly. We hope to be able to offer this service again, someday.


The Boston Marriott Burlington will be hosting us again this year. Guest rooms are $98 per night (plus tax) for single to quad. Call 781-229-6565 by June 17 to reserve your room. Be sure to mention Readercon so that you get the dis­counted rate.


For a map and directions via Mapquest:

How to Get There

The Burlington Marriott is northwest of Boston, at the intersection of Route 3A and Burlington Mall Road, right off of I-95/128 at exit 33B (Route 3A North). With over 15 restaurants of all kinds and the Burlington Mall within a mile, you don’t need a car in order to get decent food or meet random personal needs. The Marriott has plenty of free parking.

By Car, from the South or West:

Take the Massachusetts Turnpike (I-90) east to­wards Boston. Take exit 14 and follow the signs for I-95/128 North. Continue with the "Northbound on I-95/128” directions below.

By Car, from the North:

Take Route 3 South towards Boston. At the junc­tion of Route 3 and I-95/128, take I-95/128 North. Follow the "Northbound on I-95/128” directions below.


Or: Take I-93 South to the I-95/128 South exit (Exit 37A). Follow the "Southbound on I-95/128” directions below.

By Car, from Boston:

Take I-90 (the Massachusetts Turnpike) West towards Newton/Waltham to exit 15. Take I-95/128 North. Continue with the "Northbound on I-95/128” directions below.


Or for the scenic route, take either Route 2 or 2A to Route 3 North to Burlington. After passing under I-95, turn left at the traffic light. The hotel will be on your left.

Northbound on I-95/128:

Take exit 33B (for Route 3A North), which is the second exit past the compound exit for the Lowell Connector and Middlesex Turnpike, where the traffic from Rte. 3 South merges in.


At the end of the ramp, merge quickly across to the far left, and make a left onto Burlington Mall Road at the first traffic light. Turn left at the first traffic light to enter the Marriott’s parking lot.

Southbound on I-95/128:

Take exit 33B (for Route 3A North). Go straight through the light at the end of the exit ramp, onto Burlington Mall Road. Turn left at the first traffic light to enter the Marriott’s parking lot.

By Air, via Logan Airport:

Taxi fare from Logan to the hotel is $50 to $60. You’ll find the taxi stands on the Baggage Claim level.  Shared Van and other transportation ser­vices are available.  Check out Massport’s website:


You can take mass transit from the airport all the way to the Marriott, but you'll have to take a combination of buses and subway trains. This will cost you less than $7, but may take as long as 2 hours. Take the Silver Line bus from the airport to South Station, then change to the Red Line train outbound to Alewife station.  This costs $1.25, and includes the transfer to the Red Line. Continue with the "By Mass Transit” directions below.


If you decide to rent a car, ask for directions to the Massachusetts Turnpike from your rental pickup spot. (This will probably involve a tunnel of some sort, but which one may vary based on location or time of day.) Then follow the "By car, from Boston” directions above.


Directions to and from Logan and information about shuttles, taxis, and rental cars can be found at Logan’s Web site or by phone at 800-23-LOGAN.

By Air, via Manchester:

Manchester Airport in New Hampshire is some­times a lower-cost alternative.  It’s about a 45-minute drive from the hotel.  More details are at


To get to the hotel, take the Everett Turnpike south.  It will become Route 3.  Follow the "By Car, from the North” directions above.

By Air, via T.F. Green Airport, Providence:

T.F. Green Airport, just north of Providence, RI, is another possibly lower-cost alternative to Logan.  It’s about an hour’s drive from the hotel.  More details are at


To get to the hotel, take I-95 north, then follow the "By Car from the South or West” directions.

By Train and Bus, via South Station:

Amtrak trains and Peter Pan and Greyhound buses come into South Station in Boston, which is also a T station on the Red Line. Take the T out­bound to Alewife. Continue with the mass transit directions below.

By Mass Transit:

Take the Red Line to the end at Alewife station.  Change to the #350 bus, which runs hourly (or a little better) every day during the con, from about 7am to about 10pm. Tell the driver that you want to get off at the Marriott, since the hotel may not be visible from the bus. Most runs will drop you off in front of the hotel. You can pick up a bus schedule and route map at Alewife or on the MBTA’s Web site. The pick-up spot is on Route 3A, on the far side of Burlington Mall Road from the Marriott.

Useful Web Sites


If you are planning to host a party at Readercon, first reserve your room with the hotel, and then you must contact us at <> so that we can release a room on the party floor to you. Please ask about Parlor Suites and Executive Kings, which are larger than the other guest­rooms. Parties held in non-party-floor rooms will be shut down by the hotel. Open parties (parties with an open invitation to all attendees and with an open door) may not serve alcohol. Closed par­ties (parties by invitation only and with a closed door) must make corkage arrangements with the hotel.


Readercon is run entirely by volunteers. We al­ways need lots of help to keep things running smoothly. If you’re new to conventions, volun­teering is a great way to meet people and have fun.


Besides the warm fuzzy feeling that comes from being useful, volunteers who work between one and six hours are rewarded with special Reader­con souvenirs not available to the general public! Anyone who works over 8 hours gets a free membership to next year’s con.


Let us know you’re interested by sending email to <>. There will be an informa­tional meeting for all interested volunteers at the con on Friday evening.

Your Committee Needs You!

It's traditional; we always ask for help, and our highly-appreciated at-con volunteers have been crucial to the success of every Readercon. We still need at-con people as much as we ever did, but there are other needs we don't talk about as much. In that, we've been remiss.


The Readercon committee is one of the smallest convention committees we know of (for an event of our size and scope) and growing smaller. Peo­ple move, lives change (in some cases, sadly, lives end). Our ranks are seriously in need of replen­ishment.


If the things that make the Readercon experience unique are important to you, if you think of us as more than just another stop on the convention circuit, if you'd really, really miss us if we went away, then there is certainly something you can do to help ensure the survival of Readercon!


We need people to step up and help out in almost every area of pre-convention planning; web de­sign, record-keeping, publications, program, publicity and more. Or if you've been an at-con volunteer in the past, you might want to think about managing an area you've gotten familiar with.


We're not going to lie. Putting on Readercon is serious work, some might say hard work. There is no remuneration. Obviously, no one would put time and energy into Readercon year upon year if there were no intrinsic rewards. Want to find out what they are? Become one of us, and you will!

How to Contact Us

You can e-mail us at <> or write to us at PO Box 38-1246, Cambridge, MA 02238-1246. If you have sent mail to a previous address and have not received a response, please resend. (We’ve had some ISP problems.) For updates and more details, such as past programs, check our Web site:

Who Else Is Coming?


Mike Allen· Ellen Asher · Judith Berman · Holly Black · Michael Blumlein · Richard Bowes · Michael A. Burstein · James L. Cambias · Jeffrey A. Carver · Jeanne M. Cavelos · Suzy McKee Charnas · John Clute · F. Brett Cox · Kathryn Cramer · John Crowley · Don D'Ammassa · Ellen Datlow · Samuel R. Delany · Daniel P. Dern · Paul Di Filippo · John R. Douglas · Debra Doyle · Thomas A Easton · Scott Edelman · Moshe Feder · Gregory Feeley · Carl Frederick · Jim Freund · Craig Shaw Gardner · James Alan Gardner · Chris Genoa · Greer Gilman · Theodora Goss · Gavin J. Grant· Glenn Grant · Geary Gravel · Leigh Grossman · Elizabeth Hand · David G. Hartwell · Daniel Hatch · Jeff Hecht · Nina Kiriki Hoffman · Ken Houghton · Walter H. Hunt · Alexander C. Irvine · Elaine Isaak · Donald G. Keller · James Patrick Kelly · Donald Kingsbury · Rosemary Kirstein · Ellen Klages · Ellen Kushner · Tom La Farge · Lissane Lake · John Langan · Justine Larbalestier · Fred Lerner · Jonathan Lethem · Paul Levinson · Ernest Lilley · James D. Macdonald · Laurie J. Marks · Wil McCarthy · Terry McGarry · Victoria McManus · Yves Menard · Farah Mendlesohn · Ed Meskys · Sarah Micklem · John Morressy · Resa Nelson · Patrick Nielsen Hayden · Teresa Nielsen Hayden · Patrick O'Leary · Paul Park · Jennifer Pelland · Holly Phillips · Charles Platt · Steven Popkes · Kit Reed · Faye Ringel · Tony Ruggiero · Robert J. Sawyer · Darrell Schweitzer · Delia Sherman · David Alexander Smith · Sarah Smith · Allen Steele · Jean Marie Stine · Ian Randal Strock · Sonya Taaffe · Melanie Tem · Steve Rasnic Tam · Sheree Renée Thomas · Shane Tourtellotte · Paul Tremblay · Jean-Louis Trudel · Catherynne M. Valente · Gordon Van Gelder · Wendy Walker · Sean Wallace


Readercon 16


July 8–10, 2005

Boston Marriott Burlington

Burlington, Massachusetts     781-229-6565

Hotel rooms: $98 plus tax; reserve by June 17


Guests of Honor

Joe Haldeman    Kate Wilhelm


Memorial Guests of Honor

Henry Kuttner & C.L. Moore


Memberships: $43 to June 30, 2005

$50 at the door





PO Box 38-1246

Cambridge, MA 02238-1246





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