Time Panels Readings Discussions, Etc. Kaffeeklatsches Autographs
Salon  F Salon H NH / MA VT ME / CT RI Vineyard Salon E
03:00   The History of Clarion   Levinson   3 Theories of Fantasy    
03:30   Delany, Edelman, Haldeman, Hoffman,
Kelly (+M), Wilhelm
  McManus   Keller    
04:00   The Appeal of the SF War Story Edelman M. Tem   Be A Public Intellectual Clute & Dern Tourtellotte
04:30   T. Nielsen Hayden (M), Haldeman, Hunt, Marks, Trudel Langan   Levinson
05:00 The Years in Short Fiction Education and Social Control Klages Sherman   Reed How-I-Wrote McCarthy & Strock Charnas & O'Leary
05:30 Frederick (M), Cramer, Datlow, Di Filippo,
Ga. Grant, Link
Asher, Genoa, Lilley (+M), McManus, Mendlesohn McGarry   Hand How-I-Wrote
06:00 Reading Through Another's Eyes The Career of Kate Wilhelm Park Gl. Grant Medieval Lit as Proto-SF Viable Paradise Morressy & Sherman Levinson & Steele
06:30 J. Gardner, Kushner (+M), La Farge, Sawyer,  Walker Matthew (M), Clute, Hoffman,
McManus, Van Gelder
Marks Cambias Trudel Doyle, Macdonald et al
07:00 Author on the Side of the Milk Carton Einstein and Modernity Kelly Cisco The Mechanics of Writing Bookaholics Anonymous McGarry & Park  
07:30 Gilman, Gravel, Keller, Morressy (+M), Ringel Berman, Cramer, Frederick (+M), Levinson, McCarthy Reed Isaak Haldeman LaFarge et al  
08:00 The Reading Protocols of Slipstream The Fiction of Kuttner and Moore Wilhelm Sawyer Hal's Worlds Strategies That Don't Work Grossman & Klages  
08:30 Cox (+M), Lethem, O'Leary, S. Tem, Walker Hartwell, Houghton (+M), Lake, Schweitzer, Stine Tourtellotte et al T. Nielsen Hayden  
09:00 (setup) Delany Kushner If They Were Alive & Writing Translating Ægypt Levinson & Nielsen Haydens  
09:30 Singh Di Filippo, Edelman, Feeley,
Freund (+M), Macdonald
Crowley How-I-Wrote  
10:00 Cordwainer Smith Rediscovery Award and
Meet the Pros(e) Party (120+ min.)
09:00   Cook  
10:00 After the Cover's Closed Pleasures of the Mystery Novel Haldeman Burstein Swords & Spaceships Ancient Metrology Crowley & McManus Allen & Genoa
10:30 Clute, Delany, Klages (+M), Park, Platt, Reed Charnas, C. Gardner, Lethem, Levinson (+M), S. Smith Tourtellotte Do Quit Your Day Job Kingsbury
11:00 Genre-Switching For Fun & Profit Novel, La! Broad Universe Morressy Programmable Matter SF vs. National Delusion Goss & Link Crowley & Haldeman
11:30 Blumlein, Delany, Lethem,
T. Nielsen Hayden (+M), Reed, Wilhelm
Burstein, Doyle, Hartwell (+M), Sawyer Dern McCarthy Hatch
12:00 A Writer's Workshop in Action Wow, I Actually Wrote That? O'Leary Jabberwocky "25 Years Passed" Two Types of Fantasy J. Gardner & Hand Carver & Datlow
12:30 The Cambridge SF Writers Workshop Black (+M), Bowes, Gilman, Tan, S. Tem Berman Di Filippo, Feeley (+M), McGarry, Meskys, Sleight La Farge
01:00 Secondary Characters The Career of Joe Haldeman Charnas Cox Poem To Song Learning Online Edelman & Hartwell / Cramer  Hoffman & Morressy
01:30 Kelly (M), Kushner, Meynard,
T. Nielsen Hayden, Park, Sherman
Allen, Dern (+M), Hunt, Steele, Van Gelder Walker Tremblay Kirstein Grossman
02:00 Traumatized Authors The Open-Ended Horror Story Kuttner
by Brody
Genoa Creative Being The Andre Norton Award Burstein & Tan Sawyer & Wilhelm
02:30 Doyle, Haldeman, Hand, Macdonald,
Sleight (+M)
Cavelos, Cisco, Reed, Schweitzer (+M),
S. Tem
Hoffman Marks McManus
03:00 Beliefs You Can't Prove The New Cordwainer Smith Winner Crowley McCarthy Interstitial Arts The Odyssey Workshop Future Washington Reception Hartwell / Cramer & Hunt
03:30 Kirstein, Lethem, Mendlesohn,
P. Nielsen Hayden, Sleight (+M)
Clute, Edelman, Kingsbury, Schweitzer (+M), Van Gelder Kushner Cavelos
04:00 Kate Wilhelm Interviewed                         
by David G. Hartwell              
05:00 Joe Haldeman Interviewed                  Registration and Information: Ballroom Lobby    
by Farah Mendlesohn       Fri. 2p - 9p, Sat. 9a - 6p, Sun. 9a - 1p    
      Con Suite: Room 630      
08:00 The Rhysling Award Poetry Slan (c. 75 min.)     Fri. 3p - 9p, Sat. 9a - Midnight, Sun. 9a - 2p    
Allen (+M), Goss, Haldeman, McGarry, Schweitzer, Singh, Taaffe, Thomas     Bookshop: Grand Ballroom Salon E    
09:30 The Best of the Kirk Poland Memorial Bad Prose Competition (c. 90 min.)     Fri. 4p - 7p, Sat. 10a - 6p, Sun. 10a - 2p    
C. Gardner (+M), Gl. Grant (champion), Meynard, Tan, Van (M)            
10:00 Really Magic Realism The Opposing Argument Blumlein Gilman Immortality In SF King's The Dark Tower Haldeman & Sawyer Kirstein & Doyle / Macdonald
10:30 Crowley, Dern (+M), Hoffman, M. Tem, Thomas Hartwell (+M), Houghton, Marks,
P. Nielsen Hayden, S. Smith
Platt Langan
11:00 Teaching SF in the Classroom Slingshot Ending & Sequel Tricks Di Filippo Hand Physicists & Writers? Out-Of-Genre Reading Datlow & Kingsbury J. Gardner & Tan
11:30 Lerner (M), Charnas, Delany, Goss, Grossman Clute, Gravel, O'Leary, S. Smith (+M), Steele La Farge Frederick Hipsters, Flipsters et al
12:00 Backwards From Effect To Story Cross-Generational Fiction Kirstein Schweitzer Drawing / Writing Interface SF and Social Change Feeley & Hunt Kingsbury & McCarthy
12:30 Van (M), Cisco, Clute, Crowley, Mendlesohn, Wilhelm Hartwell, Hecht (+M), Klages, Link, Morressy, Sherman Doyle Ga. Grant Walker Sawyer
01:00 Single v. Complete Extrapolation SF Poetry Macdonald Tan Theodore Sturgeon Blumlein How-I-Wrote Kirstein & Walker Kushner & Marks
01:30 Cambias, Carver (+M), Easton, Gl. Grant, Tourtellotte Allen, Goss (+M), Haldeman, Taaffe, Thomas J. Gardner Black Delany McCarthy How-I-Wrote
02:00 Best-Guess / Hand-Waving Science Out-of-Genre Horror Link Krasnoff Debriefing: Salon F, 3p Copyediting Kushner & Wilhelm  
02:30 Berman, Blumlein, Burstein (+M), Delany, Haldeman, Strock D'Ammassa, Datlow, Hand, Langan (+M),
M. Tem, Tremblay
Goss   McGarry