Time Panels Readings Discussions, Etc. Kaffeeklatsches Autographs
Salon  F Salon H NH / MA VT ME / CT RI Vineyard Salon E
9:00 AM   Cook  
10:00 AM Does Your Baby Make You Smarter? The Fiction of R. A. Lafferty Sherman Monteleone Odyssey Workshop Math and SF Clement & Datlow Morressy & Spencer
10:30 AM Cramer (M), Delany, Irvine, Morrow, Reed, Reimann Cholfin, Ketter, Lake (+M), Schweitzer, Swanwick, Waldrop Hairston Shunn Cavelos *
11:00 AM The Joy and Challenge of F&SF The Fiction of Howard Waldrop Schweitzer Hunt Radio Play Space Opera Gravel / Kirstein / Zeddies &
T. Nielsen Hayden
McGarry & O'Leary
11:30 AM Black, Clement, Kushner (+M), Longyear, Rucker, Wolfe Attebery, Cox, Houghton (+M), Potter, Sleight Reimann O'Neill Levinson The Golem
12:00 PM Political Rebellion in SF&F The Year in Short Fiction Morrow Potter Depression Moon's Shadow Clute & Longyear Chapman & Levinson
12:30 PM Delany, Feeley, J. Gardner, Hatch (+M), Lewitt, Waldrop Datlow, Golaski, Hartwell, Sawicki, Van Gelder (+M) Wexler Van Ballad of Wuntvor
1:00 PM SF: For Aficionados Only? Is Slipstream the New Mainstream? Morressy Hand 51 Pegasi Writing Hunt & Swanwick Carver & Kingsbury
1:30 PM Easton, Edelman, Kirstein, Lerner (+M), Malzberg, Steele Cisco, Cox (+M), Irvine, Morrow, Reed, Ringel Thomas Clement Monteleone
2:00 PM The Death and Rebirth of SF The Horror Tropes of Tomorrow Delany Lafferty by Brody Interstitial Arts TV Activism Hand & Levinson Clement & Longyear
2:30 PM Berman, Clute, Hartwell (+M), P. Nielsen Hayden, Sleight, Steele Cavelos, D'Ammassa, C. Gardner, Golaski, Langan, Monteleone (+M) Fenkl (+M), Goss, Kushner, Sherman, S. Smith Engfehr
3:00 PM The Unique Authorial Voice September 11 and Fiction Asaro Cisco Hollywood and SF Shakespeare Genrettes Book Release Party Rucker & Zeddies
3:30 PM Delany, Gilman, Goss (+M), Gravel, Malzberg, Swanwick Bowes, Levinson, T. Nielsen Hayden (+M), Van Gelder, Waldrop Lewitt Cavelos Stine S. Smith
4:00 PM Hal Clement Interviewed
by Michael Burstein
        * Asaro, Burstein, Kingsbury, Rucker (+M), Slattery    
4:45 PM Rudy Rucker GoH Speech       Con Suite: Room 630, 9 AM - Midnight    
5:30 PM Howard Waldrop Interviewed
by Ellen Datlow
6:15 PM (setup)              
7:00 PM              
7:30 PM              
8:00 PM The 18th Kirk Poland Memorial Bad Prose Competition (c. 90 min.)            
C. Gardner (+M), Grant (champion), Meynard, O'Leary, Van (M)