Time Panels Readings Discussions, Etc. Kaffeeklatsches Autographs
Salon  F Salon H NH / MA VT ME / CT RI Vineyard Salon E
3:00 PM   Superhuman Intelligence        
3:30 PM   Attebery (+M), Chapman, J. Gardner, Jarpe, Sleight   Cox
4:00 PM   Offbeat! Longyear Langan Why SF "Novels" Aren't    
4:30 PM   Cisco, Di Filippo, Goss, Rucker, Van Gelder (+M), Wolfe Zeddies Doyle
5:00 PM Horror and Pornography The SF of Hal Clement Levinson Gilman Bookaholics Anon.  
5:30 PM Bowes, Cox (+M), Datlow, Edelman, Monteleone, O'Neill Asaro, Frederick, Jarpe, Lewis (+M), Meskys Macdonald Grant Spencer et al
6:00 PM The Closet at Bag-End Adventures in Other Dimensions Kushner Edelman Break on Through The Art of Revising Doyle / Macdonald & Monteleone
6:30 PM Asher, Bowes, Hirsch, Morressy, Potter (+M), Zeddies Burstein, Engfehr, Levinson (+M), Rucker, Strock Marks Chapman, Grossman (+M), Hunt, Mendlesohn, O'Leary The Small Press
7:00 PM SF's Greatest Generation The Rise of Internet Criticism Swanwick Kaplan The Write Stuff Dickens J. Gardner & Wolfe  
7:30 PM Clement, Malzberg, Porter (+M), Steele, Stine Clute, Klima, Lilley (+M), McGarry, T. Nielsen Hayden Irvine Cambias Longyear Feeley  
8:00 PM Howard Waldrop Reads Regency Fiction   The Infodump as Poetry Homo sapiens idaltu Delany & Morrow  
8:30 PM Asher, Grossman, Meskys, T. Nielsen Hayden, (+M), Sherman, Spencer Doyle, Grant, Gravel, Levinson (+M), P. Nielsen Hayden Costello  
9:00 PM (setup) Clement Lambshead
Post-Potter Reading Life of Buddha: Fantasy? Morressy & O'Leary  
9:30 PM Dern Fenkl  
10:00 PM Meet the Pros(e) Party (120+ min.)   *Klima (host); Chapman, Cisco, Di Filippo, Thomas, Wexler        
All of the Above and then some     Con Suite: Room 630, 3:00 to 11:00 PM    
10:00 AM Catholicism and Imaginative Lit The Golden Age of SF is Now Rucker J. Gardner The Manner of Fantasy Education in Fiction Dern & McGarry Morrow & Steele
10:30 AM Hand, Macdonald (+M), Morressy, Swanwick, Wolfe Clement, Datlow, Di Filippo (+M), Hartwell, Mendlesohn, Tourtellotte Spencer Keller Hecht, Kingsbury, Marks (+M), Vajra, Zeddies
11:00 AM Why We Love Buffy The Career of Rudy Rucker Black Chapman Memoir Writing Impossible Bird Doyle / Macdonald & Hartwell / Cramer Delany & Swanwick
11:30 AM Bernstein, Burstein (+M), C. Gardner, Hirsch, Keller, Nelson Freund (M), Di Filippo, Grant, Houghton, Slattery Tourtellotte Goss Shunn Steel Helix
12:00 PM Ambition Why Is Reality So Popular? Lafferty by Ketter O'Leary Iron Age Comics The Glide Project Kingsbury & Strock Asaro &
 J. Gardner
12:30 PM Clute, Kushner, Malzberg, Marks, D. Smith (+M), Waldrop Clement, Delany, Engfehr, Hairston, Lewitt, Morrow (+M) Berman Morressy Slattery  
1:00 PM Psychology, Myth, and Fantasy Children's SF--No Such Thing? Kirstein Hecht Collaborating w/the Dead The Promise of Genre Edelman & Spencer Datlow & Hunt
1:30 PM Sherman (M), Berman, Gilman, Hand, Keller, O'Leary Attebery, Cambias, Carver, Doyle (+M), Mendlesohn McGarry D'Ammassa Reimann Langan
2:00 PM Atomic Power and the Singularity The Merits of "Sci-Fi"   Golaski Con Suite: Room 630, 9 AM - 2 PM      
2:30 PM Asaro, Carver, Cramer, Hecht (+M), Rucker Cox, Doyle, Hairston, Hunt, Paris (+M)   Costello Debriefing: Salon F, 3:00 PM    
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Con Suite   3 PM - 9 PM   Room 630
Bookshop   4 PM - 7 PM   Grand Ballroom Salon E
Registration & Information   9 AM - 6 PM   Ballroom Lobby
Con Suite   9 AM - Midnight   Room 630
Bookshop   10 AM - 6 PM   Grand Ballroom Salon E
Registration & Information   9 AM - 1 PM   Ballroom Lobby
Con Suite   9 AM - 2 PM   Room 630
Bookshop   10 AM - 2 PM   Grand Ballroom Salon E