Readercon 14 Program Grid

Plain text beneath bold text tells you who's on an item; ignore the gridline between them. See the full Program Guide text for descriptions, and for who's responsible for certain discussions and talks.
Time Panels Readings Discussions, Etc. Kaffeeklatsches Autographs
  Salon F Salon G NH / MA VT ME / CT RI Vineyard Salon E
3:00 PM   Punk Rock and Spec Fic   Hunt   Runes  
3:30 PM Black, Cox (+M), Hand, Jones, Lewitt Kaplan Matthews
4:00 PM Don't Read Too Much Into This Panel Blurb Gilman Chapman Bookaholics Anon. Charnas & Datlow Ford & J. Gardner
4:30 PM Clement, Hartwell, Irvine, Macdonald, Malzberg, T. Nielsen Hayden (+M) O'Leary J. Thomas Reader Cannes 1: S. Smith et al
5:00 PM Density in Fiction Vampirism and Addiction Marks Schroeder Working w/Filmmakers E-Magazines Butler & Hunt Clement & VanderMeer
5:30 PM Clute, Di Filippo (+M), Gilman, Harris-Braun, Jones Black (+M), Bowes, Charnas, Golaski, Merz Kirstein Finlay Nelson Mohanraj
6:00 PM Colonized By The Future Psi: The Trope That Refuses to Die S. Smith Sawicki Writing in Groups Libraries & Culture Edelman & Kaplan Datlow & Kingsbury
6:30 PM Berman, Clute, Cox (+M), Crowley, Hairston, Sleight Anzetti, Burstein, Carver (+M), J. Gardner, Tan J. Barlow Sherman et al Lerner
7:00 PM Race in F&SF Drugs and Creativity VanderMeer Irvine Psychohistory & New Age Permanence Levinson & Tourtelotte  
7:30 PM Delany, Goto, Hairston, Lewitt, Mohanraj (+M), Sh. Thomas Bowes, Hand, Jarpe, Lake, T. Nielsen Hayden, Steele (+M) Cisco Paris Kingsbury Tainted Trail
8:00 PM Style vs. Style vs. Style Ecological Disaster as Fore / Background Kessel Black SF & Pro Wrestling Small Press How-To Ford & Strock
8:30 PM Delany, Doyle, Kelly, Morrow (+M), Murphy, Steele Butler, Easton, Jones, Porter, Price, Watts (+M) Dern Gagne Gardner *
9:00 PM (setup) Jones Matthews Online Workshops Leviathan 3 Interstitial Arts Planning Meeting
9:30 PM J. Gardner Harris-Braun & Finlay et al **
10:00 PM Meet the Pros(e) Party (120+ min.)   * D. Barlow, Golaski, Ga. Grant (+M), Paris  
  ** Chapman, Cisco, Ford, J. Thomas, Sc. Thomas, VanderMeer (+M)    
  All of the Above and then some  
Time Panels Readings Discussions, Etc. Kaffeeklatsches Autographs
  Salon F Salon G NH / MA VT ME / CT RI Vineyard Salon E
9:00 AM   Cook  
10:00 AM Is God Change? The Changing Standards of SF Criticism Swanwick Hatch The Kappa Child Clarion Reunion Matthews & Mohanraj Levinson & Murphy
10:30 AM Butler, Crowley, T. Nielsen Hayden (+M), River, Scott Clute, Edelman, Hartwell (+M), Malzberg, Mendlesohn Hand Potter Sound & Spirit Preview: *
11:00 AM Feminist F&SF: The State of the Art, 2002 Size Matters Kelly Diseases Group Read The Lord of the Rings Slan to Hominids Morressy & Morrow Crowley & Hartwell/Cramer
  Gomoll (+M), Jones, Kessel, Link, Marks Asher, D. Barlow (+M), Barnett, D'Ammassa, Edelman Kushner (w/Swanwick) Costello et al
12:00 N Transparent vs. Visible Plotting The Fiction of John Brunner Murphy Turzillo Reader Cannes 2: The Chronology Protection Case SF & Music Pt. 2 Sawyer & Sh. Thomas Goto & Tan
12:30 PM Cisco, Kelly (+M), Macdonald, Park, Scott, Swanwick Freund (M); Butler, Lake, MacIntyre, Meskys Charnas Ga. Grant Garland et al
1:00 PM Meta-Fantasy The Career of Gwyneth Jones Reimann Cavelos Levinson Future of News Anzetti / Gravel / Kirstein & Spencer Carver & Irvine
1:30 PM Clute, Crowley, Fenkl, McGarry, Mendlesohn, Murphy (+M) Cramer (+M), Gl. Grant, Kingsbury, Potter, Sleight Morressy Cambias John Brunner Interview Film Hatch et al
2:00 PM Biological Hard SF When They Tell You What You Really Mean Brunner by Brody Scott/Barnett Odyssey Workshop The Book Club (Ursula K. Le Guin) ** Park & Swanwick Delany & Doyle/Macdonald
2:30 PM Butler, Clement (+M), Cramer, Di Filippo, Jones, Sawyer Kelly, Kushner (+M), Malzberg, Matthews, Morrow, O'Leary Cox Cavelos
3:00 PM Changing Times, Changing Minds The Fiction of Octavia E. Butler Link MacIntyre Using SF to Teach Science Why Dinosaurs? Schroeder & Scott / Barnett Morrow & Schweitzer
3:30 PM Charnas, Crowley, Delany, Jones, Kushner, D. Smith (+M) Gunn, Hirsch, Laity, Sh. Thomas, Turzillo (+M) Park D. Barlow Easton Hecht et al
4:00 PM Octavia E. Butler Interviewed     * Hairston, Jones, Sweeney (+M), Sh. Thomas, Van Gelder    
  by Faye Ringel ** Hirsch, Hunt, Kandel, Mohanraj, Schweitzer (+M)    
5:00 PM Gwyneth Jones Interviewed    
  by David G. Hartwell
6:00 PM (setup)   Burstein Minority Report
6:30 PM Tourtellotte Van
7:00 PM Doyle/Macdonald  
7:30 PM (pre-seating begins at 7:45) Dessert Buffet (enter through side)  
8:15 PM The James Tiptree, Jr. Award Ceremony (30 min.)
9:00 PM The 17th Kirk Poland Memorial Bad Prose Competition (c. 75 min.)
  C. Gardner (+M), Gl. Grant (#2 seed), Kessel (top seed), O'Leary (bad seed), Van (M)
Time Panels Readings Discussions, Etc. Kaffeeklatsches Autographs
  Salon F Salon G NH / MA VT ME / CT RI Vineyard Salon E
10:00 AM The 2001 Tiptree Award: The Jury Report The Real Place of a Book Crowley Hairston Hard SF Revisioning Writing Delany & Doyle/Macdonald Butler
10:30 AM Murphy (M); Charnas, Halasz, Patterson Cambias, Feeley, Gilman, Levinson (+M), Swanwick Morrow Ford Cramer Marks & Kirstein
11:00 AM The Aliens Among Us 2001: The Year in Short Fiction Kushner & Sherman Sawyer Feelings of Feelings Fire Logic Dern & Hand Matthews & Schroeder
11:30 AM Anzetti, Butler, Delany, Gomoll (+M), Gravel, Jones Hartwell, Klima, Mohanraj (+M), Strock, Swanwick, Van Gelder Shunn Van A Working of Stars
12:00 PM Someday This Will All Seem Funny In Defense of "Commodity Fantasy" Goto Levinson Transhumanism Markets for Erotica Clement & O'Leary Hunt & Sawyer
  Di Filippo, Ford, Gunn, Kessel (+M), Morrow Grossman (+M), Morressy, T. Nielsen Hayden, Schweitzer, Willey * Potter
1:00 PM The Aging of SF Angela Carter Clement Broad Universe Teaching F&SF E-Books Kingsbury & Shunn McGarry & O'Leary
1:30 PM Berman, Cox (+M), Datlow, Hartwell, Jones, P. Nielsen Hayden Chapman, Hand, Laity,Sherman, S. Smith (+M) Grossman Ward & Sawyer
2:00 PM The Future of Extrapolation Why Y A?   Lewitt Why Don't We Write? Consciousness Plague Hartwell & McGarry  
2:30 PM Butler, Gl. Grant (+M), Hecht, P. Nielsen Hayden, Sleight, Tourtellotte Black, Mendlesohn (+M), Meynard, Morressy, Reimann Costello Murphy  
3:00 PM Readercon 14 Debriefing   * J. Barlow, Gagne, Hughes (+M), Jarpe, Klima    
  Members of the committee  

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