Readercon13 Program Grid

Plain text beneath bold text tells you who's on an item; ignore the gridline between them. See the full Program Guide text for descriptions, and for who's responsible for certain discussions and talks.

Time Panels Readings Discussions, Etc. Kaffeeklatsches Autographs
  Salon F Salon G NH / MA VT ME / CT RI 630 Salon E
3:00 PM 2000: The Year in Short Fiction  
  Cox (+M), K. Cramer, Hartwell, Swanwick
4:00 PM Surfing The Ether   Charnas   SF and Music   Doyle/Macdonald & McDevitt Clement & Sawyer
  Burstein, J. Gardner, Kushner (+M), Robins, Swanwick Garland
5:00 PM Reviewing Commercial F&SF Sawyer Jewish SF Disch O'Leary
  Di Filippo, Doyle, Hartwell (+M), Mendlesohn, Sawicki Burstein et al
6:00 PM And I Alone Escaped the Ghetto Clement Octogenarians Carver & Charnas  
6:30 PM Cox (+M), Delany, Lethem, Link, Malzberg, Van Gelder McGarry Levinson
7:00 PM Science Fact, SF-Style Luck and Coincidence in Speculative Fiction Sherman O'Leary Stations of the Tide Sawicki & Tan
7:30 PM Steele (M), Hecht, McCarthy, Platt, Strock Crowley, Doyle, J. Gardner (+M), Kaplan, McDevitt N. England Museums
8:00 PM The Enduring Appeal of the Time Travel Story Stop Defining SF!? Kushner Kandel Programmable Matter Bookaholics Clement & Edelman
  Crowley, Kelly, Klages, Steele, Swanwick (+M) Clute, Delany (+M), Feder, James, Tan Cisco McCarthy Powers et al
9:00 PM (setup) Swanwick Kingsbury Fri. the 13th Horror Procuring Authors  
  Tan * Dern
10:00 PM Meet the Pros(e) Party (120+ min.)   * C. Gardner, Grossman (+M), Klima, Sawicki, Schweitzer  
  All of the Avove and then some

Time Panels Readings Discussions, Etc. Kaffeeklatsches Autographs
  Salon F Salon G NH / MA VT ME / CT RI 630 Salon E
10:00 AM Fantasy And Stage Magic The Career of David G. Hartwell Hand Kirstein Memory & Dreams Strange Earth Clute & Kingsbury Easton & Sawicki
10:30 AM Cavelos, Macdonald (+M), Scott, S. Smith, Swanwick K. Cramer, Delany, Douglas (+M), Hlavaty, O'Leary Kelly Spencer Van Coyote
11:00 AM The Erotic, the Explicit and the Personal An Editor and His Novelists Crowley Schweitzer Sound and Spirit Stealth SF Anzetti/Gravel/Kirstein & McCarthy Link & Spencer
  Delany (+M), Edelman, Hand, Longyear, Sherman, Tan Charnas, Hartwell, Kingsbury, Levinson, Sawyer (+M) Kushner Morressy
12:00 PM Your Own Private Schenectady HAL 9000, AI Prophets 0 Di Filippo Link No-Fly Zone The Book Club (does Gene Wolfe) Porter & Sherman Cisco & Crowley
12:30 PM Clement, Longyear, Morressy, Scott, Swanwick (+M) Cavelos, Dern (+M), Hatch, Platt, Popkes Robins MacLeod
1:00 PM Award Criteria Explanatory Power in Science, Society and Fiction Barnett & Carver Odyssey Workshop Clute, Maroney, Minz, O'Leary, Witcover Hand & Malzberg Doyle/Macdonald
1:30 PM Charnas, Feder, Hartwell (+M), James, Ryan Cambias, Hecht, D. Smith (+M), S. Smith, Trudel Scott Dern Cavelos
2:00 PM Reading Cinematically The Fiction of Michael Swanwick Simak by Brody Doyle The Jazz W/ the Small Press Levinson & Meynard Hand & Tan
2:30 PM Engler, Freund (+M), Gilman, Hirsch, Morressy, Zone K. Cramer, Katz, Kelly, McDevitt (+M), Van Gelder Hatch Aegypt Link
3:00 PM Egocentricism and Creativity The Clothes Make the Man-Plus Longyear J. Gardner Why Read SF? Hypertext Tools Cavelos & Sawyer Carver & Levinson
3:30 PM Crowley, Kelly (+M), Kushner, Malzberg, Swanwick, Tan Asher, Barnett, Disch, Hartwell, Macdonald, Sherman (+M) Sawicki McDevitt Bernstein w/ S. Smith
4:00 PM Michael Swanwick Interviewed    
  by Darrell Schweitzer
5:00 PM David G. Hartwell Interviewed
  by Samuel R. Delany
6:00 PM (setup and 2 hour dinner break)
8:00 PM The 16th Kirk Poland Memorial Bad Prose Competition (c. 75 min.)
  C. Gardner (+M), Grant, Gravel, Lewitt (champion), Van (M)
9:30 PM The James Tiptree, Jr. Memorial Award Benefit Auction (? Min.)

Time Panels Readings Discussions, Etc. Kaffeeklatsches Autographs
  Salon F Salon G NH / MA VT ME / CT RI 630 Salon E
10:00 AM Personal and Cultural Rediscovery SF Mysteries: Balancing the Tropes Edelman Pearlman Hope Mirrlees How to Review SF O'Leary & Strock Longyear & McDevitt
10:30 AM Asher, Disch, Lerner (+M), P. Nielsen Hayden, Porter, Schweitzer D'Ammassa, Jablokov (+M), Levinson, McCarthy, Spencer Katz *  
11:00 AM The Fiction of Clifford D. Simak The Single-Author Collection Gilman Witcover The Vingean Singularity ** Interstitial Arts Burstein & Crowley Swanwick & Delany
11:30 AM Feeley, Hartwell (+M), Houghton, Lake, Lethem, Malzberg Di Filippo (M), Edelman, Halpern, Link, Steele, Van Gelder Anzetti Fenkl et al
12:00 PM Forget This Blurb: Amnesia Fiction Thank God I'm a Country 'Droid: Pastoral SF Morressy Burstein & Tourtellotte Dream Castles Writing Tech Dern & Longyear Hartwell & K. Cramer
12:30 PM Clute, Daemon, Disch, Grant, Lethem (+M), Link Anzetti, Carver, Easton, Feeley (+M), Gravel Future Hospitals
1:00 PM The Fantasy Archipelago Revisited Print-on-Demand: The Backlist Revolution Levinson Cambias Rebel Sutra French SF Delany & J. Gardner  
1:30 PM Clute, Di Filippo (+M), Kushner, Meynard, Swanwick Hanger, Klima, Longyear (+M), Platt, Witcover Klages Kaplan Deepsix  
2:00 PM Hard SF as a Fight Against Entropy If You Liked Harry Potter . . . McDevitt   * Clute, Gilman, Hand, Swanwick (+M)   Swanwick
  Hartwell (M), Carver, Clement, Lewitt, McCarthy, Watts Anzetti, Cambias, Cisco, Mendlesohn, Ringel (+M) ** Grant, Kingsbury, Platt (+M), Trudel  
3:00 PM Readercon 13 Debriefing   Hartwell
  Members of the committee

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