Readercon 30

Hotel Information

The Boston Marriott Quincy is at the Rt 93/Rt 3 split south of Boston. The hotel is at the top of a hill with wonderful views of Quincy Center. There are several parking areas, including one very convenient to the banquet entrance of the hotel.

The Readercon room rate is $149 per night (plus tax) for single to quad from July 10 to 15. Book by June 19, 2019 to lock in these rates. The hotel block usually fills, so make your reservations early to guarantee you get the discounted room rate!

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Parking is free in both the parking garage near the Ballroom entrance and the lot near the lobby entrance. (This is confirmed, no matter what else you may read.) If the gates are down and you need to take a ticket, bring it with you and use the validation machine on the table near Registration.

Official Boston Marriott Quincy website

The hotel is located less than a mile from the Quincy Adams station on the MBTA Red Line and less than 2 miles from the South Shore Mall. Walking directions

For those of you with older GPS systems, set your address for 400 Crown Colony Drive. Look for a sign on the left pointing to the Marriott. Follow that road up and around the hill until it circles the hotel. The first parking area you encounter leads to a mulit-story garage, and is closest to the convention space. Continue around and you will reach the lobby entrance and the large above-ground parking lot.

Hotel Shuttle

The Marriott offers all hotel guests shuttle service to locations within a one-mile radius. However, if you have your own car you will find even more dining choices, most of which have plenty of parking.

Hotel shuttles operated on this schedule in 2016:

Going to Departs Marriott Pick up at
Quincy Adams T-station
via Marriott Shuttle
7am - 9:30pm
every 30 mins
Berth #5
Call 617-472-1000
Pickup on demand
Quincy Adams T-station
via Crown Colony Office Park Shuttle
6am - 9:30am, 3pm - 6:45pm
every 20 mins
Mon - Fri only
Berth #5
South Shore Plaza Mall 7am - 9:30pm
every 30 mins
except Mon-Thu 5pm-6:30pm
Near Chipotle
Call 617-472-1000
Arrange pickup time at dropoff

Walking Directions From Quincy Adams Station

This is a one mile walk that is almost completely uphill. A shuttle bus can meet you at Berth #5 in the bus area.

  1. Once you exit the train, go down to ground level. You can use the elevator located in the middle of the station, take the stairs towards either end of the platform, or the down escalator located near the inbound end of the platform (for outbound trains it will be near the back of the train, for inbound trains it will be near the front of the train).
  2. Once you reach ground level head out exit and out the doors on the left. Walk straight away from the train station along the busway. Continue the entire length of the busway/parking garage until you reach the road just beyond the station.
  3. Turn right, cross the entrance to the busway in the pedestrian walkway and at the light continue across the pedestrian crossing (note: the light is only 25 seconds long to cross the entire street). Continue walking on the sidewalk away from the station and towards another light next to the South Shore Car Wash.
  4. At this light, cross at the pedestrian crossing. Once across the street you will be on a triangle. Walk on the sidewalk along Crown Colony Drive. You will shortly cross a one way street. Watch for traffic coming from the right and when clear walk across the street and continue along Crown Colony Drive.
  5. At the next set of lights, cross the side street and then turn left and cross Crown Colony Drive to the other side. You will have 25 seconds to cross both streets.
  6. Continue to walk in the same direction and you will see the Marriott on the top of the hill as you walk. You will cross the entrance to 400 Crown Colony Drive and continue walking to the next road, which will have a sign for the Marriott. Cross the driveway and turn left to take the sidewalk on the right side, because the sidewalk on the left doesn't go all the way to the hotel. You will have to cross an entrance to a parking lot near the bottom and an exit further up along the road.
  7. As you reach the top of the hill the roadway curves to the right and you will reach entrance to the parking garage on your right. Continue on just beyond the stop sign and cross the drive. Enter at the hotel's Ballroom entrance, where Readercon is being held. You can reach the hotel's front desk by walking down the main foyer into the lobby.
  8. If you prefer to enter via the hotel lobby, continue in the direction you are walking. You will turn a corner and continue straight along the sidewalk. Continue along a fence and then the side of the hotel. You will then turn the corner of the hotel and will be at the front entrance of the hotel.