Readercon 27

Talk with Us, and Amongst Yourselves

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Another way for convention attendees to stay in touch with one another from August to June is on our LiveJournal community,, and our Dreamwidth community, Accounts are free and easy to set up; once you have an account, you can make posts to the community, track individual discussion threads, and get emailed notifications of replies to your comments. If you don't have and don't want a LiveJournal account, you can still leave comments using OpenID and follow the RSS feed of our posts at and respectively. These communities are not the most efficient way to get in touch with our concom (for that, see our contact information), but they are watched by some concom members as well as many longtime attendees, so if you have basic, non-urgent questions, they are good places to get some answers. Look for the posts tagged "brainstorming" if you'd like to contribute ideas for next year, and posts tagged "first-timers" for information that's especially pertinent to Readercon newcomers.

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Follow us on Twitter! We encourage anyone tweeting about this year's Readercon — before, during, or after the con — to use the #readercon hashtag.

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