Gene Wolfe was the very first Guest of Honor at Readercon, and is a living inductee in the Science Fiction Hall of Fame and a World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement Award winner. He was born in Brooklyn, New York. He grew up in Houston, Texas. He dropped out of Texas A&M, was drafted, and was an infantryman in Korea during the closing months of the Korean War. In 1956, he graduated from the University of Houston with a BSME. He and Rosemary were married that fall; they have four children and three grandchildren. He was an engineer for 17 years and an editor on the staff of an industrial magazine for 11 years before leaving to write full-time.

His books include The Fifth Head Of Cerberus, Scribner's, 1972; Peace, Harper & Row, 1975; The Devil in a Forest, 1976, Follett; The Shadow of the Torturer (won World Fantasy Award), Simon & Schuster, 1980; The Island of Doctor Death and Other Stories and Other Stories, Pocket 1980; Gene Wolfe's Book Of Days, Doubleday, 1981; The Claw of The Conciliator (won Nebula), Timescape, 1981; The Sword of the Lictor (won World Fantasy Award), Timescape, 1982; The Citadel of the Autarch, Timescape, 1982; Soldier of the Mist, Tor, 1986; The Urth of the New Sun (won British Fantasy Award), Tor, 1987; There Are Doors, Tor, 1988; Storys From the Old Hotel (won World Fantasy Award), Kerosina, 1988; Endangered Species, Tor, 1989; Soldier of Arete, Tor, 1989; Castleview, Tor, 1990; Castle of Days, Tor, 1992; Nightside The Long Sun, Tor, 1993; Lake of the Long Sun, Tor, 1993; Caldé of the Long Sun, 1994, Tor; Exodus From the Long Sun, 1996, Tor; On Blue's Waters, 1999, Tor; Strange Travelers, 1999, Tor; In Green's Jungles, 2000, Tor; Return to the Whorl, 2001, Tor; The Knight, 2004, Tor; Innocents Aboard, 2004, Tor; The Wizard, 2004, Tor; Starwater Strains, 2005, Tor; Soldier of Sidon (won World Fantasy Award), 2006, Tor; Pirate Freedom, 2007, Tor; An Evil Guest, 2008, Tor; and The Best of Gene Wolfe, 2009, Tor.

He has written "No Planets Strike," "A Fish Story," "Graylord Man's Last Words,'" and a couple of hundred other stories.