At age five, Donald Wolcott received a special Christmas present — a used piano. That gift began a life-long passion. He started lessons in classical piano, but the young prodigy soon expanded his horizons beyond Beethoven and Mozart. When he joined his middle school's jazz band, he was exposed to the genre that dramatically reshaped his music.

In high school, Donald became the pianist for the jazz ensemble, a position he held until graduation. A versatile musician who likes to push boundaries, he branched out to rock and taught himself the bass, guitar, and drums. He formed the band "Three Easy Payments," and performed with them over the next four years, singing lead vocals, playing bass and keyboards, and writing songs. He was also learning the business side of his career, serving as the producer and manager for the group.

In 2005, Donald received acclaim from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia as a top soloist in their annual jazz festival. In 2006 he was accepted as a bassist into the Montgomery County Honors Jazz Ensemble. In 2007 he earned an honorable mention for jazz performance in the National Distinguished Scholar Competition, and in 2008 he received the coveted "Maestro Award" at the Washington D.C. Heritage Music Festival.

After his high school graduation in 2008, Donald accepted a scholarship to Towson University, where he currently majors in Jazz Performance and is the pianist for the Towson Big Band, the school's premiere jazz ensemble. In the fourteen years he has been playing music, Donald has become an in-demand pianist in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area. He plays for musical theatre productions, composes arrangements of songs on commission, and often performs for weddings, parties, and corporate events. He also teaches private piano, bass, guitar, and drum lessons.

In 2009, Donald joined author Catherine Asaro as her keyboard accompanist for the Diamond Star Project centered around the publication of her twenty-fourth novel, Diamond Star (Baen Books, May 2009). In April 2009, Starflight Music released a companion music CD, also titled Diamond Star, by the alternative band Point Valid. The CD offers readers a soundtrack for the book, which is about a rock star in the future. Donald plays keyboard for Catherine to showcase the project with his exciting arrangements and delightfully jazzy style.