D. Harlan Wilson is an award-winning novelist, short story writer, literary critic, editor, screenwriter, and English professor. Hundreds of his stories and essays have appeared in magazines, journals and anthologies throughout the world in several languages. His first novel, Dr. Identity, or, Farewell to Plaqudemia (Raw Dog Screaming Press), received the Wonderland Book Award for best novel of 2007, and his short film The Cocktail Party, directed by Brandon Duncan, won multiple awards in 2007 at film festivals and conferences, including an official selection at Comic-Con. His latest books include two novels, Codename Prague (RDSP) and Peckinpah: An Ultraviolent Romance (Shroud), a fiction collection, They Had Goat Heads (Atlatl Press), and a work of literary theory, Technologized Desire: Selfhood & the Body in Postcapitalist Science Fiction (Guide Dog Books). Wilson is also the editor-in-chief of The Dream People, an online journal of irreal texts, and the reviews editor of Extrapolation, the oldest American academic journal of speculative fiction criticism. He lives online at www.dharlanwilson.com and dharlanwilson.blogspot.com.