Rick Wilber is the editor of the recent anthology Field of Fantasies: Baseball Stories of the Strange and Supernatural (Night Shade/Skyhorse, 2014).His new novel, Arrival (Tor, forthcoming) is the first book of a trilogy based on Rick's long-running S'hudonni Mercantile Empire series of stories, and his recent series of alternate-history stories about famous World War II baseball player and spy, Moe Berg, have been appearing in Asimov's Science Fiction magazine and include the novelettes "At Palomar" and "Something Real." Most recently, his novelette, "Walking to Boston" (researched while at Readercon 2014), is in the October/November issue of Asimov's Science Fiction magazine.

Rick has had some fifty short stories, novelettes or novellas published in a variety of magazines and anthologies, though Asimov's Science Fiction is where his shorter work is most often found. His novel, Rum Point (McFarland, 2009) won the Paparazzi Press Award for Best Sports Novel - Baseball, and his novelette, "Something Real," in Asimov's won the 2012 Sidewise Award for Alternate History - short form.

He is also the author of a memoir, My Father's Game: Life, Death, Baseball (McFarland, 2007) about the caregiving role and about his father's career in baseball, and two collections, Where Garagiola Waits (University of Tampa Press, 1999) and To Leuchars (Wildside, 2000), and a half-dozen college textbooks on mass media, writing and editing.

Rick is a longtime journalism and mass-media professor at the University of South Florida. He is administrator for the Dell Magazines Award for Undergraduate Excellence in Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing. He lives in Florida.