Nancy Werlin is the author of seven young-adult novels: Are You Alone on Purpose? (Houghton Mifflin, 1994; Puffin, 2007); the Edgar Award-winning The Killer's Cousin (Random House, 1991; to be reprinted by Puffin, 2009); Locked Inside (Random House, 2000; to be reprinted by Puffin, 2009), a finalist for the Edgar Award; Double Helix (Dial, 2004); The Rules of Survival (Dial, 2006), a finalist for the National Book Award and the LA Times Book Prize; and the forthcoming Impossible (Dial, September 2008), her first fantasy novel. Her short fiction has also appeared in Harry Mazer's Twelve Shots (Random House, 1997), Don Gallo's On the Fringe (Dial, 2001), The Boston Globe (Sept.—Oct. 2001), Twice Told (Dutton, 2006), and Lois Metzger's Can You Keep a Secret? (Scholastic, 2007). Nancy lives with her fiancé Jim in Melrose, MA, and also works part-time as a technical writer for a financial software firm.