Kestrell Alicia Verlager is a writer, book reviewer, and disability and technology advocate. She received an M.S. from MIT's Comparative Media Studies program in 2006. Her thesis Decloaking Disability: Images of Disability and Technology in Science Fiction Media explores the intersections of SF, disability, and cultural attitudes toward disability and technology. Her science fiction memoir (Part 1, Part 2) was included in The Inner History of Devices: Technology and Self, an anthology, edited by Sherry Turkle (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2007). Her literacy narrative "Literacy as Process: The Multiple Literacies of Blind Readers" was published in The Journal of Media Literacy (Fall, 2008)

Kestrell has also acted as a consultant for WGBH and the MIT Gambit Lab in developing accessible games. She writes book reviews for Green Man Review. Her latest project involved blogging about how her new prosthetic eyes were created (ask her to show you her Delirium eyes). Kestrell lives in the attic of an old Victorian house in Dorchester, MA, with her game designer husband, Alexx Kay, and yes, far too many books.