Harold Torger Vedeler ("Torger") has written an eclectic mix of science fiction and fantasy, including the novel Intersect: A Love Story (iUniverse, 2003) and stories in Not One of Us, including a collaboration with the prophet Ezekiel ("Valley of Bones," #34). His most widely-read work, however, is his parody, written under the pseudonym "Verisillius of Er" to protect his legitimate career as a professional purveyor of mischief, of John Norman's infamous Gor novels: Gay, Bejeweled Nazi Bikers of Gor. He insists on distributing it for free as a limited-edition privately published chapbook and on the internet (at books.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=544176437), thereby probably denying himself a small fortune in royalties from the National Organization of Women and others of Norman's many fans. Most recently, he has been hard at work with his friend V.R.Y. Silly on Doughnuts of the Gods, a parody of ancient astronaut theories in particular and pseudoscience in general. In his other life, Vedeler has a PhD in Assyriology from Yale University and teaches Ancient History at Central Connecticut State University.