Torger Vedeler has a habit of bouncing between science fiction, fantasy, and scholarship, with stories published in venues such as Not One of Us and Palimpsest. His most recent book, Doughnuts of the Gods (Altakkme, 2019), is both a humorous parody of ancient astronaut belief and a more serious discussion of the phenomenon of pseudoscience. For pure fiction, he is the author of two science fiction novels, Intersect: A Love Story (iUniverse, 2003) and Layers (Altakkme, 2018), with a collection of short work (Valley of Bones and Other Stories) to be released next year (also Altakkme Books). Included in this collection will be his short story "Ilium," published in Midrash, which received an Honorable Mention in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 2008: 21st Annual Collection.

Vedeler is perhaps best known and most feared (under the pseudonym Verisillius) for his parody Gay, Bejeweled, Nazi Bikers of Gor, which is free for the reading (if you dare) at:

When not in the classroom, Vedeler likes to meet with students and tries to avoid serving on faculty committees. He is sadly not often successful at the committee avoidance thing.