Vinnie Tesla's novelette "Ota Discovers Fire" received the Circlet Press Fantastic Erotica Award in 2012; it's in the associated print anthology, Fantastic Erotica (Circlet Press, 2013; Tan & Zaiatz, eds), and available as a stand-alone e-book. Other smutty writing includes the comic steampunk fix-up The Erotofluidic Age (Circlet, 2011), and "Disarmed" in Silent Shadows Come (Circlet, 2014).

His current project is scripting the graphic novel The Eidolon Initiative (art by Lon Ryden; Dr. Faustus, ed.) and serialized at

His long-delayed editorial debut, the mad scientist-themed erotica anthology For Science! is now slated to appear in early 2018. He once had a pretty good blog at; any clanking and cursing you may hear from arise his current attempts to assemble a new one. He lives in Medford, Massachusetts with his spousalbeast and a terrier to be named later.