Ruth Sternglantz has spent her entire adult life working with words and making books of one sort or another, first as an editorial intern at Farrar, Straus & Giroux, later as an academic, and now—since 2004—editing LGBTQ fiction for Bold Strokes Books. She edits, inter alia, works on paranormal romance, post-apocalyptic fantasy, and gothic suspense; many of the books she's edited have gone on to be winners and finalists for awards, including the ForeWord Book of the Year, Lambda Literary Award, and Romance Writers of America chapter contests. The list of authors whose "imaginative" literary works she edits includes Radclyffe/L.L. Raand, Rebecca S. Buck, Robin Summers, Lillian Q. Irwin, Greg Herren, and Nora Olsen. For more information on these writers, check out

A medievalist by training, Ruth chose that area of study because of its emphasis on the fantastic, and maybe a little because of Monty Python. In that guise, she co-edited the essay collection SATURA: Studies in Medieval Religion and Education (with Nancy Reale; Shaun Tyas, 2001) and a 15th century manuscript, The Mirroure of the Worlde: A Critical Edition of Bodley 283 with Notes and Glossary (with Robert R. Raymo and Elaine Whitaker; University of Toronto, 2003). She holds a PhD in English from New York University (1993) and a JD from the University of Pennsylvania (2005), but no, she has no plans to attend medical school, thanks for asking. She loves reading and writing and talking about old books, but she thinks working with living authors and taking care of their words is the best job in the world. She can be found on Twitter @resternglantz, and she lives outside of Boston, MA.