Farah Rose Smith is a writer, editor, and artist whose work often focuses on the gothic, decadent, and surreal. She authored Anonyma (Lulu, 2018), The Almanac of Dust (Wraith Press, 2018), Eviscerator (Eraserhead Press, 2018), and numerous short stories in horror and speculative anthologies. She is also the founder and editor of Mantid Magazine, whose MANTID anthology series (published by Wraith Press) promotes women and diverse writers in Weird Fiction. Her experimental film work has received festival accolades, including Best Short Screenplay (Rapture, 2016) at the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival and Best Experimental Film (The Atrocity Shoppe, 2015) at the Shawna Shea Film Festival. Her first fiction collection, Of One Pure Will, will soon be released from Egaeus Press. She is the Community Outreach Director for Necronomicon Providence and lives in Queens, NY, with her partner.