Sarah Smith's YA paranormal thriller, The Other Side of Dark (Atheneum, 2010), won the Agatha for best YA mystery and the Massachusetts Book Award for best YA book of the year. She has finished the fourth volume of her trilogy of historical thrillers, set aboard the Titanic and in 1912 New York. In honor of the amount of time it took to write, its working title is The Fucking Titanic Book. The person who submits the best Real Title gets a copy and infinite brownie points (maybe also finite brownies); send your suggestions to Previous volumes were New York Times/London Times Notable Book The Vanished Child (Ballantine/Fawcett, 1992), New York Times Notable Book The Knowledge of Water (Ballantine, 1996), and Entertainment Weekly Editor's Choice A Citizen of the Country (Ballantine, 2000). Both The Vanished Child and her fourth novel, Chasing Shakespeares (Atria, 2003), are currently being made into musicals. She has also published an e-edition of The Paine of Pleasure, the real possibly-Shakespearean poem from Chasing Shakespeares (A New Shakespearean Poem? Small Beer, 2011).

Her "novels for the computer" include the interactive dark fantasy King of Space (Eastgate Systems, 1991) and two web serials, the fantasy Doll Street (1996) and the near-future sf Riders (1996-'97). Her stories appear in Decopunk (Easton and Klein-Dial, eds., 2015); Impossible Futures (with Justus Perry; Easton and Klein-Dial, eds.), Death's Excellent Vacation (Harris and Kelner, eds.), Best New Horror 5 (Jones and Campbell, eds.), Christmas Forever (Hartwell, ed.), Future Boston (Smith, ed.), Tekka, and F&SF.

Sarah is a member of the Cambridge Speculative Fiction Workshop and the Northeast All-Stars, as well as the Interstitial Arts Working Group. She lives in Brookline, Massachusetts, with her family.