John Shirley is a novelist, screenwriter, television writer, songwriter and author of numerous story collections. He is a past Guest of Honor at a World Horror Convention, and won the Bram Stoker Award for his story collection Black Butterflies. His screenplays include "The Crow". He has written teleplays for Poltergeist: The Legacy, Deep Space Nine and other shows. His novels include City Come A-Walkin’, A Splendid Chaos, Silicon Embrace, Demons (Del Rey Books, latest edition 2012), the A Song Called Youth trilogy (Warner Books, Prime Books published the omnibus 2012), Wetbones (Mark Ziesing and eReads, latest edition 2010), Bioshock: Rapture (Tor 2012), Bleak History (Simon & Schuster 2009) and Everything is Broken (Prime Books, 2012). His newest books are New Taboos (PM Press, 2013) and Doyle After Death (Harper Collins, 2013). His latest story collection is In Extremis: The Most Extreme Stories of John Shirley (Underland Press, 2012). His two-CD album of songs, Broken Mirror Glass, was recently released from Black October Records. He has written eighteen song lyrics recorded by the Blue Oyster Cult.