Delia Sherman was born in Tokyo, Japan, and brought up in Manhattan, where she now lives, after a brief (33-year) hiatus in Boston. Her novels for adults are Lambda Literary finalist Through a Brazen Mirror (Ace/Circlet, 1989), Mythopoeic winner The Porcelain Dove (Dutton/Plume, 1993), and, with spouse Ellen Kushner, Mythopoeic and Gaylactic Spectrum finalist The Fall of the Kings (Bantam, 2002), an expansion of their 2007 World Fantasy novella finalist. Changeling (Viking, 2006), The Magic Mirror of the Mermaid Queen (Viking, 2009) and Andre Norton (Nebula) winner and Mythopoeic finalist The Freedom Maze (HC Big Mouth House, 2011, pb Candlewick, 2013) are for younger readers.

Her adult short fiction includes 1994 Tiptree finalist "Young Woman in a Garden," reprinted in the 8th The Year's Best Fantasy (Datlow and Windling, eds.); 1999 World Fantasy short fiction finalist "The Parwat Ruby," in the 13th; 2006 Nebula novelette finalist "Walpurgis Afternoon," in the 19th (Datlow, Link, and Grant, eds.); and 2007 Nebula novelette finalist "The Fiddler of Bayou Teche," in the 21st. "The Maid on the Shore," "Miss Carstairs and the Merman," "Nanny Peters and the Feathery Bride," "The Printer's Daughter," "The Witch's Heart," and "The Fairie Cony-Catcher" are in the 1st, , 3rd , 4th, 9th, 10th, and 12th Datlow and Windling Year's Best, respectively, while "La Fée Verte" appears in the 20th (Datlow, Link, and Grant, eds.). "Gifts From a Spring" is in the 2009 The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy (Horton, ed.). Other stories can be found in Vampires (Yolen and Greenberg, eds.), Lighthouse Horrors (Waugh, Greenberg, and Azarian, eds.), The Book of Ballads (Vess, ed.), The Horns of Elfland (Kushner, Sherman, and Keller, eds.), Firebirds (November, ed.), Poe and Naked City (Datlow, ed.), Steampunk! (Grant and Link, eds.), Weirdbook, and Fantasy Book. Her poems "Carabosse" and "The Crone" are in the 13th and 14th Datlow and Windling Year's Best; other poems appear in The Armless Maiden (Windling, ed.) and Stone Telling. She was a Campbell new writer finalist for 1988.

Stories for younger readers include "CATNYP" in the 1st The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy for Teens (Yolen and Nielsen Hayden, eds.). Others appear in A Wolf at the Door, The Green Man, Troll's Eye View, Teeth, and Queen Victoria's Book of Spells (all Datlow and Windling, eds.). With Windling, she edited (and contributed to) The Essential Bordertown (Tor, 1998).

She edited The Horns of Elfland (Roc, 1997) with Ellen Kushner and Donald G. Keller, and two volumes of Interfictions, the first with Theodora Goss (SBP, 2006; Tiptree finalist) and the second with Christopher Barzak (SBP, 2009). She has taught at Clarion and Odyssey writing workshops, and the Hollins University MFA Program in Children's Literature. She is a founding member of The Interstitial Arts Foundation and is Executive Editor of the online arts journal Interfictions Online.