Chuck Rothman is the author of one novel, Staroamer's Fate (Questar Books, 1986). Stories include "Spare Change" (Realms of Fantasy, February 2007), "Regular Guy" (On the Brighter Side, January 2009), "A Date with Patti Pleezmi," (Baen's Universe, October 2008), "Occurrence at Arroyo de Buho Bridge" (Strange Horizons, October 9, 2000), "Sundials" (Aboriginal SF, Fall 1999), "The Collector" (VB Tech Magazine, June 1996), "Bela" (Blood Muse, eds. Esther Friesner and Martin H. Greenburg, 1995), "Pest Control" (Realms of Fantasy, October 1994), "Natural High" (Aboriginal SF, Spring 1993; winner of the magazine's Boomerang Award), "Curse of the Undead" (Vampires, eds. Jane Yolen and Martin H. Greenburg, HarperCollins, October 1991; reprinted in Read, October 2000), "Playmates" (Fantasy and Science Fiction, May 1986), and "The Munij Deserters" (Isaac Asimov's SF Magazine, June 1982). His story "Saving Hitler" will be appearing in Space and Time later this year and his reviews have appeared in Tangent and The New York Review of Science Fiction (December 2008).

He lives in Schenectady (really), with his wife Susan Noe Rothman and cat Lightning, and works as an Instructional Technologist at Siena College. His daughter Lisa is currently serving in the Peace Corps in Namibia. In the past, he was Business Manager of the Science Fiction Poetry Association and Treasurer of SFWA.