Laura Quilter is the founder and editor-in-chief of, a collection of information and communication resources for feminist fans and writers. The site includes various reference and research tools, including bibliographies, wikis, blogs and a blog carnival, archives, forums, listservers, and assorted other tools. (If you’re a feminist and have a project idea, let’s talk.) She is a technical evangelist and educator for women and underrepresented minorities, both in fandom and in progressive and radical politics. She’s a contributor to the forthcoming Encyclopedia of Women in SF, and is working on an article about the representation of humorless women in SF.

She is an information law attorney and librarian, working on copyright policy, access to information, and technology law. She lives in Boston with her partner Michele (a biologist), five cats, an unfortunately hardy mutant strand of pantry moths, at least one household packrat, not enough books and even fewer bookshelves, and many more ideas than time.