Tom Purdom's major recent publication is a novelette, “Fatherbond” (Asimov’s January-February 2017), the first in an interstellar series. The second story in the series, “Afloat Above a Floor of Stars,” is scheduled for the November-December 2017 Asimov’s. Romance on Four Worlds, A Casanova Quartet (Fantastic Press, February 2015) collects four Asimov's novelettes about a future character based on the 18th century adventurer Giacomo Casanova. Twelve of Tom’s other Asimov's stories have been collected in Lovers and Fighters, Starships and Dragons (Fantastic Press, February 2014).

His other recent works are "Day Job" (Asimov's April-May 2015) and "Bogdavi's Dream" (Asimov's September 2014). "Bogdavi's Dream" is the fourth novelette in a series of sequels to his sword and planet fantasy The Tree Lord of Imeten, a 1966 Ace Double. His Asimov's story "A Stranger from a Foreign Ship" has been reprinted in The Year's Best Science Fiction and Fantasy: 2014 Edition, (Rich Horton, ed.). His 2011 Asimov's novelette "A Response from EST17" appeared in the 29th The Year's Best Science Fiction (Dozois, ed.). His 1999 Hugo novelette finalist "Fossil Games" is in Year's Best SF 5 (Hartwell, ed.).

Other reprints: "Greenplace" is in World's Best Science Fiction 1965 (Wollheim and Carr, eds.); "Canary Land" in Year's Best SF 3 (Hartwell, ed.); "Bank Run" in the 2006 Science Fiction: The Best of the Year (Horton, ed.); and "The Mists of Time" in the 25th Dozois The Year's Best.

Tom's first published story appeared in the August 1957 Fantastic Universe, and his 60s and 70s fiction appeared in Galaxy, Analog, Amazing, Satellite, Infinity, and SF Quarterly -- and in the anthologies Star Science Fiction 6 (Pohl, ed.), International Affairs Through Science Fiction (Greenberg and Olander, eds.), This Side of Infinity (Carr, ed.), The Future is Now (Nolan, ed.), Thor's Hammer (Bretnor, ed.), and Future Quest (Elwood, ed.). For the last 24 years, he has been writing mostly novelettes, almost exclusively for Asimov's, with stories also in Invaders and Space Soldiers (Dann and Dozois, eds.), Isaac Asimov's Valentines (Dozois and Williams, ed.), War and Space (Horton and Wallace, eds.), and Baen's Universe. Electronic reprints of many of his stories can be purchased from the Kindle and Nook epublishing programs.

He has published five novels: I Want the Stars (Ace Double, 1964), Te Tree Lord of Imeten (Ace Double, 1966), Five Against Arlane (Ace Double, 1967), Reduction in Arms (Berkley 1970), and The Barons of Behavior (Ace, 1972). He has edited one anthology, Adventures in Discovery (Doubleday, 1969), a collection of specially commissioned articles about science, by sf writers such as Isaac Asimov, Robert Silverberg, and Poul Anderson.

Outside of science fiction, his output includes magazine articles, essays, and science writing, plus brochures on home decorating, an educational comic book on vocational safety, and 28 years of classical music reviews for various Philadelphia publications, currently the Broad Street Review.

He is writing a literary memoir, When I Was Writing, discussing his work on individual stories and novels, which he has been publishing on his website; the first ten chapters have been reprinted in the New York Review of Science Fiction. The memoir is also available on the Nook and the Kindle. Tom lives in downtown Philadelphia.