Michelle Parker ("Chelle") is a queer, nonbinary, neuroatypical, disabled nerd and has enjoyed an unusually colourful life, having lived in or visited fourteen countries on four continents and learned seven languages along the way. Chelle's background is primarily in education, where they spent eight years teaching English, French, math, science, and life skills to at-risk junior-high students, but they've also worked in a peculiar array of other environments. These range from daycares to sexual health clinics, doing jobs as diverse as librarian, baker, radio DJ, and Braille transcriptionist—all while editing on the side.

Chelle is staying put for the moment (more or less) in their hometown of Ottawa, Canada, where they currently wield their trusty red pen as a full-time freelance editor, review speculative fiction and erotica for Publishers Weekly, and act as a human shield for their chronically anxious rescue dog. Some of Chelle's regular editing clients include Europe Comics (for whom they edit comic books and graphic novels translated from French into English) and Fireside Fiction Company (for whom they copy edit and proofread all the short stories, essays, and poems that are released through Fireside Magazine and Fireside Quarterly). As part of their work with Fireside, Chelle was a 2019 Hugo Award finalist. They are also a member of multiple professional organizations, including Editors Canada, the Editorial Freelancers Association, the American Copy Editors Society, and the Association of Independent Publishing Professionals.

Chelle is the current Assistant Program Chair for Readercon, and also assists with the Publications, Accessibility, and Safety departments. (Both "she" and "they" pronouns are fine to use.)