Charles Oberndorf, a native Clevelander, is the author of three novels and five stories. His novels, all published by Bantam Spectra, are Sheltered Lives (1992), Testing (1993), and Foragers (1996). His short stories have appeared in Full Spectrum, Asimov's SF, and The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. His story, "Another Life," also appeared in Hartwell and Cramer’s Years Best SF #15 as well as Horton and Wallace’s War and Space.

Charlie is completing (for Harper Collins) his fourth novel, The Translation of Desire, whose second chapter earned an Ohio Arts Council Grant in 1999. He just finished the first draft of an sf story that’s meant to feel like a marriage between Alice Munro and Stephen King. He’s working on a novella set in the Hundred Worlds universe of his short stories "Oracle" and "Writers of the Future"; two novellas set in the same universe as "Another Life," which will form a triptych; a time travel story set in the Congo; and a biographical novel about Abe Osheroff, a Spanish Civil War veteran and radical activist. The opening section of the chapter set during Freedom Summer earned a Community Partnership in Arts and Culture Grant, a $20,000 grant given in Cuyahoga County, the monies sourced from taxes on tobacco sales.

Charlie is a graduate of Clarion East (1987), where he studied under Karen Fowler, Lucius Shepard, Kate Wilhelm and Damon Knight. He is a member of three writing workshops. While Readercon GOH Maureen McHugh lived in Twinsburg, both she and Charlie were members of the East Side Writers, founded by Sarah Willis, and the Cajun Sushi Hamsters from Hell, founded by Geoffrey Landis and Mary Turzillo. Charlie has written book reviews for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Volunteer: the Journal of the Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, and The New York Review of Science Fiction.

Charlie is married with a 25 year-old son. He teaches seventh-grade English at University School where he is the Chi Waggoner Chair in Middle School Writing.