Jess Nevins is the author of a number of genre reference works. His The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana (Monkeybrain, 2005) was a finalist for the World Fantasy Award, while his The Encyclopedia of Pulp Heroes (P.S. Publishing, 2014) is forthcoming. He has also self-published The Encyclopedia of Golden Age Superheroes (2013), and wrote a guide to the Fables graphic novel series, The Fables Encyclopedia, for DC comics (2013).

His fiction work includes "An Alternate History of Chinese Science Fiction" (No Fear of the Future blog), which was a finalist for the Sideways Award in 2008; the Frankensteinian "The Student and the Rats," for Shimmer Magazine's Clockwork Jungle issue in 2009; and several small pieces for the Vandermeers' Steampunk III (Tachyon, 2012) and Jeff Vandermeer's Steampunk User's Manual (Abrams, 2014). His wuxia-and-tall-ships, what-if-Patrick O'Brian-wrote-1970s-Hong-Kong-fantasy novel, "Filial Devotion," is currently at the semi-final mark of the Breakthrough Novel Award contest. Among his non-encyclopedia non-fiction works are a pulp roleplaying game (Strange Tales of the Century, EvilHat, 2013), a guide to library holdings of pulp magazines (The Pulp Magazine Holdings Directory, McFarland, 2007), and three companion books to Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's graphic novel series, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (from Monkeybrain in 2003, 2004, and 2008). His shorter non-fiction works include numerous articles on the pulps, Victoriana, and steampunk for and, the introduction to the Vandermeers' first Steampunkanthology in 2008, a rabble-rousing article on the definition of steampunk for Science Fiction Studies in 2011, an article on an H.P. Lovecraft collection for the Los Angeles Review of Books in 2013, a guide to Indian and Chinese horror fiction and film before WW2 in Apex Magazine in 2014, and most recently a revisionist, table-throwing, sacred cow-slaughtering chapter on the history of pulp magazines for Oxford Handbook of Science Fiction (Oxford, 2014). By day, Jess Nevins is a college librarian in Tomball, Texas, husband to Alicia, father to Henry, and caretaker of dogs, cats, and a rat.