Sarah Monette is the author of a series of fantasy novels, Mélusine (Ace, 2005), The Virtu (Ace, 2006), The Mirador (Ace, 2007), and Corambis (Ace, forthcoming, 2009), as well as a collaboration with Elizabeth Bear, A Companion to Wolves (Tor, 2007), which won the 2007 Romantic Time Reviewers" Choice Award for Best Fantasy Novel, and a collection of ghost stories, The Bone Key (Prime, 2007) which is a finalist for the Shirley Jackson Awards this year. From that collection, "Elegy for a Demon Lover" was reprinted in The Best of the Rest 4 (Youmans, ed.) and "Drowning Palmer" in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror XX (Datlow, Grant, Link, eds.). "Draco campestris" was reprinted in Best American Fantasy (Cheney, Vandermeer, Vandermeer, eds.); "A Light in Troy' was reprinted in Best New Romantic Fantasy (Guran, ed.). A story co-written with Elizabeth Bear, "The Ile of Dogges," was reprinted in The Year's Best Science Fiction XXIV (Dozois, ed.). "Three Letters from the Queen of Elfland" won the 2003 Gaylactic Spectrum Award for Best Short Fiction and was reprinted in The Best of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet (Grant, Link, eds.) Other short fiction has appeared in Strange Horizons, Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, Weird Tales, Cemetery Dance, Fictitious Force, Paradox, Ideomancer, Alchemy, Tales of the Unanticipated, Fantasy, Clarkesworld Magazine, Postscripts, Lone Star Stories, and Flytrap. "Why Do You Linger?" will appear in Subterranean Magazine 8, and "Boojum," co-written with Elizabeth Bear, will appear in Jeff and Ann Vandermeer's anthology, Fast Ships, Black Sails. Her only published poem, "Night Train: Heading West," was reprinted in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror XIX (Datlow, Grant, Link, eds.). She was a finalist for the Campbell Award twice, coming in second to John Scalzi and Naomi Novik. She lives in a 102 year old house in the Upper Midwest with thousands of books, five computers, four cats, one husband, and one albino bristlenose plecostomus.