Mary Anne Mohanraj ( serves as editor-in-chief for the Hugo-nominated speculative fiction prozine Strange Horizons, and founded the erotic webzine, Clean Sheets ( She is the author of Torn Shapes of Desire (1997, Intangible Assets), editor of Aqua Erotica (2000, Random House/Three Rivers) and Wet: More Aqua Erotica (2002, Random House/Three Rivers), and consulting editor for Herotica 7 (forthcoming 2002, Down There Press). She has published two CDs of her work, Morningsong and Esthely Blue (Samba Mountain). Mohanraj has been published in a multitude of anthologies and magazines, including Best American Erotica 1999 (Touchstone, 1999), Best Women's Erotica 2001 (Cleis, 1999), and most recently, Ripe Fruit (Cleis 2002). She occasionally publishes nonfiction essays, articles, and reviews, such as her essay "Silence and the Word'' (Sex and Single Girls, Seal 2001). Mohanraj is a graduate of Clarion West 1997, and has received degrees in writing and English from Mills College and the University of Chicago. She teaches writing and is a doctoral student in fiction and literature at the University of Utah. She has received the Scowcroft Prize for fiction, a Neff fellowship in English, and currently holds a Steffenson-Canon fellowship in the humanities. Mohanraj is pleased to serve on the 2002 Tiptree Award jury.