Yves Meynard was born in 1964, in the city of Québec, spent most of his life in Longueuil, but moved to Ottawa in 2013. He has been active in Québec SF circles since 1986, serving as literary editor for the magazine Solaris from 1994 to 2001. Since 1986, he has published nearly forty short stories in French (in Solaris, imagine…, Yellow Submarine, and others) and twenty in English. His work in French has earned him five Boréal and six Aurora Awards, along with the Grand Prix de la Science-Fiction et du Fantastique Québécois, Québec's highest award in the field, in 1994.

His first novel in English, The Book of Knights (Tor, 1998), was a Mythopoeic finalist; the 1999 French version was Le Livre des chevaliers (Alire). It took a good long while, but Chrysanthe, his second, appeared in 2012 from Tor. His stories in English include "Tobacco Words" in Year's Best SF 2 (Hartwell, ed.) and others in Tesseracts Q (Vonarburg and Brierley, eds.), Northern Stars (Hartwell and Grant, eds.), Tesseracts 4 (Toolis and Skeet, eds.), Prairie Fire (Dorsey and Jonasson, eds.), Tesseracts 6 (Sawyer and Klink, eds.), Tesseracts 8 (Dorsey and Clute, eds.), Tesseracts 9 (Hopkinson and Ryman, eds.), Island Dreams (Lalumière, ed.), Is Anybody Out There? (Gevers and Halpern, eds.), Tomorrow, Edge Detector, and On Spec. CZP published a collection of his short stories, Angels & Exiles, in 2015. English collaborations with Jean-Louis Trudel under the pen name of Laurent McAllister are in Arrowdreams (Shainblum and Dupuis, eds.) and Witpunk (Halpern and Lalumière, eds.).

His other books in French are La Rose du désert, a short-story collection (Le Passeur, 1995; winner of the Prix Boréal for best book); Chanson pour une sirène, a novella in collaboration with Elisabeth Vonarburg (Vents d'Ouest, 1995); Le Mage des fourmis, a YA fantasy novel (Médiaspaul, 1996); a YA fantasy diptych, Le Vaisseau des tempêtes and Le Prince des Glaces (Médiaspaul, 1996); the first three volumes of a YA fantasy series: Le fils du Margrave, L'héritier de Lorann, and L'enfant de la Terre (Médiaspaul, 1997 and 2004); the beginning of another YA fantasy series, Le messager des orages, Sur le chemin des tornades and Le Maître des bourrasques, written with Trudel as McAllister (Médiaspaul, 2001, 2003, and 2005); the novella Un Oeuf d'acier (éditions Vents d'Ouest, 1997); three published in 2009: Suprématie (Bragelonne), a Boréal and Aurora winner by McAllister, and two short-story collections, one by McAllister (Les leçons de la cruauté) and one of his own stories (L'enfant des Mondes Assoupis), both from Alire; and Les Marches de la lune morte (Alire, 2015). The first volume of the French translation of Chrysanthe will appear in Fall 2018.

Yves was co-editor, with Claude J. Pelletier, of Sous des soleils étrangers and of three books by Québec author Daniel Sernine: Boulevard des étoiles, À la recherche de M. Goodtheim, and Sur la scène des siècles. With Robert Runté, he was co-editor of Aurora finalist Tesseracts 5 (Tesseract Books, 1996).

He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the Université de Montréal and earns a living as a software developer.