Terry McGarry is the author of the fantasy series Illumination:Illumination (Tor, 2001 hc and ebook), The Binder's Road (Tor, 2003 hc, 2013 ebook), and Triad (Tor, 2005 hc, 2013 ebook). She also wrote, as Erin Patrick, the nautical ghost story Moontide (Wildside, 2001; ebook forthcoming), a 2002 International Horror Guild Award nominee. She has published short fiction in more than three dozen magazines and anthologies, including Amazing Stories, Realms of Fantasy, Aboriginal SF, H. P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror, Skin of the Soul (Tuttle, ed.), Witch Fantastic (Resnick and Greenberg, eds.), Blood Muse (Friesner and Greenberg, eds.), The Resurrected Holmes (Kaye, ed.), Sword & Sorceress XVI (Bradley, ed.), Outside the Box (Anders, ed.), The Ultimate Halloween (Kaye, ed.), Dead Cats Bouncing (Houarner, ed.), Women Writing SF as Men (Resnick, ed.), Live Without a Net (Anders, ed.), Sword & Sorceress XXI (Paxson, ed.), and I, Alien (Resnick, ed.). Her genre poetry is collected in the chapbook Imprinting (Anamnesis Press, 1997). She worked at The New Yorker for fifteen years, the last eight of them as a Page O.K.'er (senior copyeditor/closing editor), and has been a freelance book copyeditor since 1987, specializing in science fiction and fantasy. A New York City native, she has also been a bartender on Wall Street, an English major at Princeton, and a street trader in Ireland; she holds an orange belt in Krav Maga and plays Irish traditional music at gigs and pub sessions in the city and on Long Island, where she currently lives. Her website is terrymcgarry.com.