Vincent McCaffrey. After selling books at the Avenue Victor Hugo Bookshop in Boston for nearly thirty years and while helping to raise three children in nearby Brookline, Vince currently lives in Abington, Massachusetts, with his wife, Thais, and still sells books on the internet to pay for his writing habit.

During the 1970s as publisher, editor, assistant editor and chief window washer he was a principle in the production of Fiction magazine, Galileo science fiction magazine, and The Science Fiction Times, as well as one brief issue of Galaxy.

He is the author of Hound (2009) and A Slepyng Hound to Wake (2011), the first two parts of a trilogy from Small Beer Press concerning bookseller Henry Sullivan and his unfortunate talent for encountering murder while looking for something to read. Two novellas, I am William McGuire, the tale of a Neanderthal trapped in the 21st century, and If Blood were Orange, a mystery, are currently available as e-books.

Two completed novels, I Imagine my Salvation, a 'Menckenesque' imagining of an author's life reimagined, and The Knight's Tale a science fiction about a future that suddenly feels too close, have not yet found either an agent or publisher. He is currently completing an historical mystery that takes place in 1937, for all its parallels to the present. More stories and words on subjects which may 'comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable' can be found at his website,