Louise Marley is a recovering concert and opera singer who now writes science fiction and fantasy. Her first books comprised The Singers of Nevya Trilogy: Sing the Light (Ace, 1995), Sing the Warmth (Ace, 1996), and Receive the Gift (Ace, 1997). Her next novel, The Terrorists of Irustan (Ace, 1999) was shortlisted for the Nebula, the Tiptree, and the Endeavour Awards. The Glass Harmonica (Ace, 2000) shared the Endeavour Award with Ursula K. Le Guin's The Telling. The Maquisarde (Ace, 2002) was her first hardcover, followed by The Child Goddess (Ace, 2004), which was a Campbell nominee and winner of the Endeavour Award. Her young-adult fantasy Singer in the Snow (Viking, 2005) was a Best Books for Young Adults nominee. Louise doesn't write much short work, but what there is has been collected in Absalom's Mother & Other Stories by Fairwood Press (2007). Under her pseudonym, Toby Bishop, she has written the winged-horse trilogy The Horsemistress Saga: Airs Beneath the Moon (Ace, 2006), Airs and Graces (Ace, 2007), and Airs of Night and Sea (Ace, forthcoming December 2008). Louise is a proud Clarion West graduate. When she isn't writing, she's walking her wheaten Scottie, practicing yoga, cooking health food, or drinking great wine.