Laurie J. Marks says: I live in Massachusetts in a 115-year-old Victorian home with my wife, Deb Mensinger, our Welsh corgi, Widget, Deb's kitty, Nikko, and our senior cat, Evil Demon.

Fire Logic (Tor, May 2002, winner of the Gaylactic Spectrum Award for best novel) is the grown-up version of my first novel, which I began writing when I was twelve. I revised and rewrote it well into adulthood before abandoning it to write my first five published novels: Delan the Mislaid (DAW, 1989), The Moonbane Mage (DAW, 1990), Ara’s Field (DAW 1991), The Watcher’s Mask (DAW, 1992), and Dancing Jack (DAW, 1993). I returned to Fire Logic at around the same time I moved to Massachusetts, earned an advanced degree, and began my teaching career. In the next six years I revised, threw away, and rewrote parts of the novel at least fifteen times. Between the day I was a twelve-year-old with this crazy idea I might write a book, and the day I finished the last revision of Fire Logic, thirty years passed.

The next book in the Elemental Logic series, Earth Logic, was published by Tor in March 2004, and both books are available in both hardcover and paperback. Water Logic is finished and now available. (Although peace has been established in Shaftal, not everyone likes the idea). Air Logic will follow. After that I’ll write a non-series fantasy tentatively titled The Cunning-Men, in which a highwayman and a doctor discover some nasty secrets, about their city, about the industry on which their city depends, and about each other.

I teach composition, creative writing, and science fiction at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. I am a member of SFWA and Broad Universe, and I regularly attend Wiscon, a feminist science fiction convention held in Madison, Wisconsin.