Kip Manley is the author of the urban fantasy webserial City of Roses, of which to date 22 novelette-sized installments have appeared. Two collections are currently available: "Wake up…" (Supersticery Press, 2011) and The Dazzle of Day (Supersticery, 2014), and he's currently gathering the material that will eventually be collected in a third volume, In the Reign of Good Queen Dick (2017, or somewhat thereafter). Short fiction has appeared in Scarlet Letters and The Future Fire; he has written about comics and other cultural concerns for ComixTalk, The Comics Journal, and the late, lamented Anodyne Magazine, which he helped found in 1996. He's kept a blog—Long story; short pier—since 2002, and keeps meaning to post there more often than he has of late. Kip lives in Portland, Oregon, with Jenn Manley Lee, Taran Jack Manley, and the requisite two cats.